This Week in the OpenLab! March 5th Edition

(image by tedeytan via Creative Commons)

This week!  Featuring a new tutorial and a quick, idiosyncratic moment from an OL class!


Featured Tutorial:  Social

Social is a new plug-in on the OL, taking over for the moment as our primary Twitter and Facebook broadcasting plug-in.  While Twitter Tools (which is being updated) is a more robust option, offering url shortening, category exclusion, and other options.  The benefits of Social are ease of use (Twitter Tools takes some setting up), and overall lightness.

Once Twitter Tools is updated, the two plug-ins will work together, and the tutorial will be expanded.  For now, If you’re interested in a simple way to send your posts to Twitter or Facebook, Social may just be the plug-in for you.

You can find more about this here.  Enjoy!


FEATURED SITE:  IND1112 Engineering Drawing I

There’s a number of interesting things going on over at Professor Nakamura’s course site, but maybe none so much as his attendance policy, which involves having students post comments to mark their own attendance.  What struck us is not just the novelty of the approach, but also the rapport that even such a simple interaction can create between students and a professor.  As here:

There’s something about this that’s very revealing and very charming.  Maybe not a big deal, just a Professor taking attendance, but a nice example of the warm, informal interaction that takes place in our classrooms every day.

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