This Week in the OpenLab: March 4th Edition

This week we wanted to let our new student community team introduce themselves! ¬†Check them out below, and don’t forget to follow The Buzz for all their wonderful work.


Hello I‚Äôm Jean-Luc Antoine, I am a student majoring in Bioinformatics. The program is pretty challenging but what I¬†particularly¬†like about it, is¬†that it’s a link between computer science and biology. City Tech has been my school for quite a few semesters now, so far I’ve had an¬†agreeable experience.¬†Further¬†more,¬†I’ve invested time at getting¬†involve in clubs and other fun extracurricular¬†activities¬†at the school to ameliorate my¬†experience and meet new people. The OpenLab is where I get to display¬†one my passion which is photography.¬†I see photography as an art enabling me to express¬†my creative and artistic¬†self, in the most¬†profound and meaningful ways.


Hello All! My name is Amoni B, Owner of Vive Entertainment Enterprises, LLC.¬†I am a Brooklyn native and¬†I have been enrolled in City Tech for some time, obtaining my Associates of the Arts and Sciences in Electromechanical Engineering Technology. Now¬†I am retrieving my certificate in Interactive Media Technologies¬†(Entertainment Technology).¬†‚ÄčI LOVE the hands-on knowledge, the technological tasks, and the modern prototyping and visuals. This year I am president of the ¬†Printmakers Club, an actress and creative collaborator in City Tech’s Spring production “Fallen Sparrow,” and of course a blogger on City Tech’s¬†THE BUZZ. I am an published freelancer¬†that¬†partakes¬†activism¬†and anything to deal with beauty, fashion and entertainment.

Hi, I’m Shawn Brumell. Currently a senior at City College of Technology, I’m majoring in Communication Design Management. For the last year, I’ve been working at the Queens Museum, as a Visitor Agent. Part of my job entails being a tour guide, explainer, and a researcher, who comes up with brand new ways of getting more people to attend the museum. With a passion for writing and designing, I hope to continue in a field that allows me to express both, once I graduate.

Hi! My name is Jessica Deng and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. I love this program because it encompasses all things related to hospitality from food to marketing to hotels to wine and much more than you can possibly think of. I am currently working as a Marketing Associate in a commercial real estate firm, focusing primarily on social media marketing and administrative duties.
When I am not in school or work, I am working on my personal food blog – Ambitious Eats, where I share my growing passion for food or out exploring new foods and restaurants in The Big Apple. I am a food enthusiast and social media guru. I’m a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, NY. I am thrilled to be a student blogger for Openlab and look forward to sharing with you my passion and love for food.
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Hi, my name is Konyca Francis.¬†I am a Liberal Arts and Electromechanical Engineering major. I’ve been living in brooklyn over five years now. Originally I’m from the beautiful Island of Grenada. As an aspiring photographer most of my spare time is spent exploring the city and capturing images with friends.


Hi, my name is Amanda Marmol and I am currently a sophomore here at New York City College of Technology, majoring in Law and Paralegal Studies. I love the program not only because I am aspiring to becoming an attorney but I appreciate the fact that you get a ‚Äútaste‚ÄĚ of different types of laws. For example, Real Estate Law, Family Law and everyone‚Äôs favorite, Criminal Law! With your interest in certain classes it makes your decision easier for you when it comes to what kind of paralegal or maybe even attorney you will like to become. Aside from doing so much reading/studying for my classes I try to maintain a fun/social life. I enjoy blogging on Tumblr which drew my interest to becoming a blogger here on Open Lab for The Buzz. My main task is to encourage many of you to take a step out of your studies and have fun! As a law student, I am aware of how overwhelming things get throughout the semester and sometimes you just need one day to yourself to do something exciting/adventurous. This is why I post about many events and activities that can be done here in the city that most of us are unaware of. Oh, and did I mention that I actually attend most of these activities? Yes, not only will you get references to places but you will also get my opinion on it.¬† I‚Äôll stop chatting now, go check out The Buzz and get to having fun!


Mandy Mei

Mandy is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. She enjoys trying new activities, exploring out of the country, and learning about other languages and cultures, and making art for gallery exhibitions.

She¬†is currently a part of the¬†Faculty Commons Design Team¬†at¬†City Tech and freelancing in design, illustration, and wall murals. In the past she has¬†worked for¬†Infor‚ÄėsHook&Loop¬†team,¬†Made in NY Media Center by IFP,¬†Ouchi Gallery, and New Tech Times at City Tech.

Pastry Arts

Hello, my name is Brianna Vasquez and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Hospitality Management at New York City College of Technology. I hope to become a pastry chef and share random stories of food with others through Citytech’s The Buzz. During my free time, I enjoy swimming, reading, watching hockey and many other hobbies. But I love baking and making people happy by way of food. I would like to think that many will be interesting in the topics of posts as well as the stories put into them. I can’t wait to read and comment everyone’s posts in the future. Happy Posting!

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