This Week In the Openlab: June 4th Edition

(Image by Michael Baird via Creative Commons)

It’s June, and so maybe this image is a happy elephant seal father and his elephant seal child or maybe it’s a couple of happy elephant seal graduates.  Or maybe they aren’t happy.  In any case, they’re certainly letting off steam!

Just two quick things this week…


The Kahn Academy

We’re always looking for online resources to share, and realized the other day that we haven’t yet shared The Kahn Academy, an incredible project creating and collecting video lessons on a wide variety of topics, from math and science to economics to the humanities.     You’re free to use any of these for your educational purposes and, because the videos are all hosted on YouTube, they’re easily embedded on The Openlab.   Just click the “watch on YouTube” button near the lower right, circled here:

Once you’ve done that, just follow the embedding YouTube video instructions found here on The OpenLab.  And a lot of people are working very hard on these videos–please give credit where credit is due!


Featured Tutorial:   Embedding YouTube Videos

As we were typing the above, we realized that somehow we haven’t yet featured a YouTube embedding tutorial here on The Open Road.  We’ve dealt with it in other places on The OpenLab, but want to make sure it’s here.  It’s about the easiest thing besides typing on the OpenLab, but do note that if you’re used to other wordpress installations, including, there might be a very slight difference, so be sure to have a look.


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