This Month on the OpenLab: October 2021 Release

Rabbit in between two pumpkins.
Halloween Bunny” by johncatral is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

On October 19, 2021 we released version 1.7.55 of the OpenLab. It included a new quiz plugin, updates to existing plugins, and a few bug fixes. We also added .docx and .xlsx files to the types allowed for upload on OpenLab sites (.doc and .xls were already permitted).


The new quiz plugin is called WatuPro, and has many features, including the ability to:

  • Use images in questions and answer choices
  • Use LaTeX in the questions and answer choices
  • Mix graded and ungraded questions
  • Show a progress bar for quiz takers
  • Randomize the question order
  • Show correct/incorrect answers on results page or after each question
  • Export to CSV

OpenLab help documentation is coming soon! In the meantime, the plugin site has a thorough user manual.

In addition to the usual minor updates, we updated Gravity Forms and all Gravity Forms add-on plugins. The Gravity Forms updates fixed some issues in the Quiz and Dropbox plugins caused by the outdated versions.

We also retired Gravity Perks, and its associated GP Media Library plugin. These will still be visible on sites where they’re activated, but we recommend that you deactivate them because we’ll no longer be able to apply updates, and over time this may cause issues.

Bug Fixes

We fixed the following bugs:

  • In OpenLab Gradebook, sometimes after creating a new gradebook and attempting to add all users, only a single user called “John Doe” was added.
  • The Akismet plugin (used for spam prevention) was showing an error message on certain sites.
  • Some site admins were experiencing an issue with duplicate comments being submitted on their sites. The fix included in this release should address that problem.

As always, please contact us with any questions!

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