In the Spotlight: MAT2540 – Discrete Structures and Algorithms II


STEM faculty,¬†have you ever felt unsure about how to use the OpenLab for your coursework? If so, check out Prof. Kate Poirier’s course site for MAT2540 – Discrete Structures and Algorithms II. With a highly functional site design, Prof. Poirier’s¬†course information is arranged by Course Policies (including grading guidelines), Calendar, Homework, Quizzes, Discussion, and Links¬†offering further resources. All information is clear and accessible. An especially exciting innovation is the test review that Prof. Poirier has students do. Here each student explains how they solved one particular problem on a recent test, thereby exposing their peers to their thought-processes and creating room for suggestions and discussion. Be sure to check out the site if you would like¬†to see¬†a useful example of Math coursework happening on the OpenLab!

In the Spotlight: New Features on The Open Road

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.05.32 PM

The Open Road has been updated, with new easy-to-use features! Check out our OpenLab Calendar¬†where you can see the month’s upcoming workshops, events, and office hours. See OpenLab News for weekly announcements and updates. And stay tuned for This Month in the OpenLab, a monthly post that¬†will announce new developments on the site, including the plugins that you’ve requested. As always, we will continue to highlight noteworthy courses, projects, clubs, and ePortfolios in the Spotlight, and you will always be able to RSVP to workshops from the Workshops and Events menu item.

In the Spotlight: Computer Systems Technology Colloquium

The CST Colloquium site is well-organized and has many great features.¬† Their events calendar page and events widget in the site footer make it easy to find out about upcoming colloquium talks.¬† They link to the slides for past talks so visitors can catch up on anything they missed.¬† There‚Äôs also an easy way to subscribe to the group’s email list, and a submissions page for talk proposals.¬† Take a look!