I. Exploring Our City

II. Courses at City Tech & on the OpenLab

Explore some of the courses available here at City Tech!

African American Studies

Architectural Technology


Communication Design


Entertainment Technology

Hospitality Management


Law & Paralegal Studies


Social Sciences

Technology & Design

Other: Departmental Collaborations

III. Other Learning Resources

  • The City Tech Guide has great information about navigating City Tech and working with your advisor.
  • The Fuse Lab has Intro tutorials for fabrication software (i.e. Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3-D Printing at City Tech).
  • Learn about the Science Fiction Archive and annual Science Fiction Symposium at City Tech: Science Fiction at City Tech
  • Check out this great resource for Exploring Quantitative Reasoning
  • Words Have Lives offers many resources, from help with essay grammar, structure, and strategy to specific resources offered at City Tech, such as the Learning Center where students can go for help with their writing
  • Biological Sciences Department – see ‘Student Resources’ Page
  • Bridges to the Baccalaureate provides academic support and research mentoring to associates degree students in Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology, who will transfer to Brooklyn College to finish their degrees
  • Opening Gateways learn more about this initiative at City Tech that aims to support students with gateway math courses.
  • Winter Python Workshop 2018 offers users access to basic rules and tips for using Python, as well as practice lessons.
  • The Library’s Copyright Module offers clear copyright guidelines for adapting and remixing other sources that you find online.
  • The Library Module on Accessibility has great advice on making your site accessible to all.

IV. Curating a Professional Presence – Portfolio Examples

V. Community Building, By and For Students

VI. Professional Development Opportunities

VII. Exploring the OpenLab