Recap: The OpenLab at City Tech Tech Day

(Blogger Mandy Mei presents her work on The Buzz. Other OpenLab presenters at City Tech Tech day included, from left to right, Anna Matthews, Laura Westengard, and Tanya Goetz. Image by Kevin Rajaram.) 

On Wednesday, March 30th, the OpenLab presented a session at City Tech Tech Day entitled “City Tech’s OpenLab: Innovations in Teaching, Learning, and Collaboration.” The OpenLab team, together with members of the OpenLab community, highlighted new and creative ways that the site is being used to help students and faculty work together, both at City Tech and beyond. After an introduction to the OpenLab by project co-director Charlie Edwards and OpenLab community facilitator Scott Henkle, Profs. Laura Westengard (English) and Anna Matthews (Dental Hygiene) oriented audience members to their work on L4: The Living Lab Learning Library. Prof. Tanya Goetz (Communication Design) then presented her use of the OpenLab for the COMD Internship Program. Blogger for The Buzz Mandy Mei and OpenLab community facilitator Destry Sibley introduced The Buzz student blogging site, and OpenLab project director Jonas Reitz gave an overview of Opening Gateways and the OpenLab rollout of WeBWork. Audience members then brainstormed and shared ideas for their own possible use of the OpenLab.

Thank you to all who presented and attended the session yesterday. We look forward to seeing your work on the OpenLab!


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