Instructions for Joining Google Hangouts

For the rest of the semester, OpenLab office hours will be held virtually multiple days a week via Google Hangouts. For those not familiar with Hangouts, follow these easy steps to get started and join us in our “office”!

Step One: RSVP 

Once you RSVP to office hours, we’ll know you’re coming and can send you the information on how to join! If possible, please reach out to the OpenLab team in advance to let us know what questions you have so we can be prepared.

Step Two: Choose Your Platform

It’s possible to join Google Hangouts through a web browser or through a smartphone. If you prefer to call in through your smartphone, download the Google Hangouts app before you intend to call in. If you prefer to use your computer, make sure you’re logged into your Google account. We recommend using a computer, because more features are easier to use, but do whatever works best for you!

Step Three: Click the Hangout Link

We will email you a link to join us in our office hours Hangout. Just click, either on the computer or on your phone!

Step Four: That’s It!

You can mute and un-mute your video, audio, or both, and participate in a text chat and/or screensharing by clicking on the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the Hangouts window. 

We look forward to working with you on the OpenLab– online!