In the Spotlight: Graphic Design Principles

ADV1100, Graphic Design Principles (Sp 14) – Prof. Jenna Spevack

We chose Jenna Spevack’s course to feature this week for many reasons.  For one, the site is well-designed and organized.  It’s easy to find relevant information, of which there is plenty!  There are tons of resources for students in the course, but anyone interested in the topic would also find a wealth of useful information.

Students don’t post to the course site; instead they’re using their ePortfolios for all their work.  A list of links to all student portfolios appears in both the sidebar of the site, as well as the course profile. Jenna also pulls out examples from students’ ePortfolios and links to them in her posts.

The course site uses a unique feature, which allows members to link an OpenLab profile to an external site.  In this case, Jenna hosts her course site on her own server, and links it to a course profile on the OpenLab, ensuring that the site appears in the OpenLab directory and on the home page whenever there’s site activity.

Take a look!

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