In the Spotlight: Commenting

Graphic Conversation” by Marc Wathieu via Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

Exciting news about comments!

If you added formatted text, links, or media to your comments on OpenLab posts or pages recently, you probably noticed some changes. If you read our This Month on the OpenLab posts on The Open Road (in the OpenLab News category), you probably already knew about this change to add rich text and media embedding for comments. Here’s what’s new:

The OpenLab now has enhanced commenting functionality, allowing you and your site members and visitors to write comments with rich text (bold, italics, links, etc), and easily embed media by simply pasting the URL, as you would in a post.

When you add a comment, you’ll see buttons to add rich text styles to your comment – bold, italics, underline, and numbered and bulleted lists. There’s also a button for adding a link, and one for embedding media. 

These plugins are already activated on all OpenLab sites, so if you’re a site admin, you don’t need to do anything on your site. We have help for Commenting on a Site, which includes the new rich text and media embedding functionality.

We hope this helps to make discussions on the OpenLab even more vibrant! 

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