In the Spotlight Archive: Spring 2014

Since we’ve recently begun regular posts for each site we feature in the Spotlight, we want to be sure to give fair exposure to all the other great work we’ve featured over the years.  Below you’ll find all the sites we’ve featured during spring 2014.

April 14: Wine & Beverage Management

Students in Karen Goodlad’s wine course have written great reviews of wine shops all over the city. Wine enthusiasts should take a look!




April 7: Crowdsourcing Cornelius Eady

Cornelius Eady is coming to the City Tech Literary Arts Festival on Apr. 10! Help crowdsource samples of his writing before the event.




March 31: Digital Photography 2

Robin Michals’s students are writing thoughtful reflections on a recent trip to MOMA.  Earlier posts feature photos from home studios they built.




March 24: ENT4410 Technical Direction

John McCullough’s course site is full of activity! Students are posting images, video, and writing about what they’re busy creating in class.




March 17: Printmaking Club

The Printmaking Club is new, but their OpenLab site is already looking great! If you’re interested, their first meeting is March 19.




March 10: ENG1101 Composition 1101

Students in Sean Scanlan’s courses are posting their own photos, together with a written description. Check out their work on both sites!




February 24: Utopias & Dystopias

Jill Belli’s ENG 2000 students are imagining what their utopia would look like, and writing posts describing that ideal world.




February 17: Type and Media

We’re featuring some more typography this week, with Mary Brown’s course. Students have been posting on typography in different NYC neighborhoods.




February 10: New York Type

Graphic design student Andie Lessa’s blog looks at typography in NYC. Curious about the evolution of type in the NYC subway? Take a look!




January 27: Remembering Charles Hirsch

Read Sandra Cheng’s lovely post remembering Charles Hirsch, a valued member of the OpenLab, Living Lab, and City Tech communities.




ClubIsOpenJanuary 20: OpenLab Update

You’ve probably noticed some changes around the OpenLab. Read more about what the update to version 1.4 means to you on the Open Road.

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