In the Spotlight Archive: Spring 2013

Below you’ll find an archive of the sites we’ve featured in the spotlight section of the OpenLab homepage during the spring 2013 semester.

May 20: Evolution of Technology

Endri Domi’s site is one of the blogs students created for Jennifer Sears’s Advanced Career Writing course.  Check out their work!




May 13: Spoons Across America Club

This club has done a lot of work on their site. It’s a great example of how clubs can use the OpenLab to share information and coordinate activities.




May 6: Sustainability Study: Waste and Urban Ecology in New York City

This research project is a great example of just one of the ways the OpenLab can be used to facilitate collaboration.




April 29: CUNY Service Corps

We’re excited to see CUNY Service Corps on the OpenLab! Students can get paid or receive college credit for work on service projects around NYC.




April 25: What does Gen Ed mean?

Find out more about the General Education contest and how to submit your creative work for prizes of $250. Entries are due by Mon, April 29 at 5pm!




April 19: Solar Decathalon at City Tech

Did you know City Tech is entering the Solar Decathalon, a contest to design, build, and operate energy- and cost-efficient solar-powered houses?




April 1: Problem Solving with Computer Programming

Students in Calli Higgins’s course are creating sketches on OpenProcessing and embedding them on the course site. Check out their great work!



March 16: Fuse Lab

On its excellent site, the Fuse Lab has linked to four associated courses also on the OpenLab. We’re excited to see this kind of collaboration!




March 11: Man Chan’s ePortfolio

Man Chan’s ePortfolio features a great customized header, nice menus, and plenty of examples of the work he’s completed so far in his courses.




March 4: Research and Documentation for the Information Age

In Anne Leonard’s excellent and active course site, students are writing about something near and dear to our hearts, the politics of open access to knowledge.



February 25: Architectural Design V

In Andrea Johnson & Paul King’s course students are focusing on disaster response issues, specifically in communities damaged by Hurricane Sandy.




February 11: MAT 1272 – Statistics

We may not think of a math class as a place where a lot of writing happens, but not so in Jonas Reitz’s course. Check out students’ “mathographies.”




February 4: College Algebra and Trigonometry

Simon Smith’s course site is great for many reasons. In particular, we love its collaborative forum where students are helping each other out.




OLlogo_BubblesJanuary 28: OpenLab Courses

There are so many great new courses on the OpenLab right now, so we’re profiling all of them. Take a look around and see what others are doing!


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