In the Spotlight: Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing: Adventures with Image & Text

“Ways of Seeing” is a First Year Learning Community for ADGA students who are taking Professor Jenna Spevak’s Graphic Design Principles I and Professor Jody Rosen’s English Composition I courses.  Students are creatively reflecting on the world around them through image and text, from New York City more generally, to local field trips, City Tech, the view from their window, and more.  The course site is well-structured, making it easy to browse through the projects for both courses.  Students have also created ePortfolios, which can be accessed from the course profile. Do take a look at their great work!

In the Spotlight: “The Art of Food”



“The Art of Food” is an exciting learning community between Professor Garcelon’s Culinary I, Professor Jacus’s Baking & Pastry I, and Professor Cheng’s History of Photography courses.  In their course, their students explore whether or not it’s possible to appreciate food like a work of art and how food can be viewed in terms of aesthetic categories like beauty and taste.  The course site is very dynamic and very well-structured with great multimedia assignments from photographing food texture to blogging about Civil War soldier’s diets and foods that would be impossible to live without!  Take a look and enjoy!

In The Spotlight: #TheGuide



#TheGuide project, organized by Professor Karen Goodlad in the Hospitality Management department and Professor Laura Westengard in the English department, and created by their students, offers the OpenLab community a friendly neighborhood guide to local resources ranging from information about college skills, to tours of Brooklyn Bridge Park, to where to find the best local grub! This site is very well-organized and makes good use of widgets in the right-hand sidebar. Just check out all of those great categories! This site is a great example of how collaborative work done on the OpenLab can benefit the entire City Tech community.

In the Spotlight: Our Places: How We Commemorate

Our Places: How We Commemorate

This project is associated with Mary Sue Donsky’s LAW 2301 course, Estates, Trusts, and Wills.  Students  researched a commemoration for someone who had died, and posted photos and descriptions of the  commemoration sites, which were located in neighborhoods all over the city.  The types of commemorations were diverse, ranging from buildings, sculptures, photographs, street signs, and murals.  The work provides a deeper look at sites we might normally just pass by each day without taking much notice.

In the Spotlight: Skateboard Filming

Skateboard Filming – Muhammad Floyd

Another site from Jennifer Sears’s Advanced Career Writing course, Muhammad Floyd’s blog is about his passion for making skating videos.  He writes helpful reviews and provides advice about equipment and software.  We especially like how he includes video reviews he has created himself.  Also be sure to check out the link included on the About page to one of his skating videos. While the blog is focused on skateboarding, the information Muhammad provides would be helpful for anyone with an interest in video, especially related to shooting sports or other kinds of action.

In the Spotlight: Robots in Space

Robots in Space – Husaan Iqbal

Husaan Iqbal created this blog as a project in Jennifer Sears’s Advanced Career Writing course, which we’ve written about elsewhere.  A mechanical engineering major and aircraft maintenance engineer, Husaan writes enthusiastically about air and space travel, and the rapidly advancing field of robotics.  His site is also well-organized, with categories and tags that visitors can use to find posts on different topics.

In the Spotlight: Writing Across the Curriculum

The Writing Across the Curriculum program has developed an excellent site on the OpenLab, full of helpful resources and great information about writing pedagogy.  The site is well-structured to make information easy to find, and they’ve made great use of their right-hand sidebar.  You can find advice from writing fellows, resources for faculty, information about workshops, and even materials from past workshops in case you’ve missed one.

Read through the Fellows Corner and WAC in Practice sections for discussions about pedagogy and examples of writing intensive courses and assignments on the OpenLab.

In the Spotlight Archive: Spring 2014

Since we’ve recently begun regular posts for each site we feature in the Spotlight, we want to be sure to give fair exposure to all the other great work we’ve featured over the years.  Below you’ll find all the sites we’ve featured during spring 2014.

April 14: Wine & Beverage Management

Students in Karen Goodlad’s wine course have written great reviews of wine shops all over the city. Wine enthusiasts should take a look!




April 7: Crowdsourcing Cornelius Eady

Cornelius Eady is coming to the City Tech Literary Arts Festival on Apr. 10! Help crowdsource samples of his writing before the event.




March 31: Digital Photography 2

Robin Michals’s students are writing thoughtful reflections on a recent trip to MOMA.  Earlier posts feature photos from home studios they built.




March 24: ENT4410 Technical Direction

John McCullough’s course site is full of activity! Students are posting images, video, and writing about what they’re busy creating in class.




March 17: Printmaking Club

The Printmaking Club is new, but their OpenLab site is already looking great! If you’re interested, their first meeting is March 19.




March 10: ENG1101 Composition 1101

Students in Sean Scanlan’s courses are posting their own photos, together with a written description. Check out their work on both sites!




February 24: Utopias & Dystopias

Jill Belli’s ENG 2000 students are imagining what their utopia would look like, and writing posts describing that ideal world.




February 17: Type and Media

We’re featuring some more typography this week, with Mary Brown’s course. Students have been posting on typography in different NYC neighborhoods.




February 10: New York Type

Graphic design student Andie Lessa’s blog looks at typography in NYC. Curious about the evolution of type in the NYC subway? Take a look!




January 27: Remembering Charles Hirsch

Read Sandra Cheng’s lovely post remembering Charles Hirsch, a valued member of the OpenLab, Living Lab, and City Tech communities.




ClubIsOpenJanuary 20: OpenLab Update

You’ve probably noticed some changes around the OpenLab. Read more about what the update to version 1.4 means to you on the Open Road.

In the Spotlight: Graphic Design Principles

ADV1100, Graphic Design Principles (Sp 14) – Prof. Jenna Spevack

We chose Jenna Spevack’s course to feature this week for many reasons.  For one, the site is well-designed and organized.  It’s easy to find relevant information, of which there is plenty!  There are tons of resources for students in the course, but anyone interested in the topic would also find a wealth of useful information.

Students don’t post to the course site; instead they’re using their ePortfolios for all their work.  A list of links to all student portfolios appears in both the sidebar of the site, as well as the course profile. Jenna also pulls out examples from students’ ePortfolios and links to them in her posts.

The course site uses a unique feature, which allows members to link an OpenLab profile to an external site.  In this case, Jenna hosts her course site on her own server, and links it to a course profile on the OpenLab, ensuring that the site appears in the OpenLab directory and on the home page whenever there’s site activity.

Take a look!

In the Spotlight Archive: Fall 2013

Below you’ll find an archive of the sites we’ve featured in the spotlight section of the OpenLab homepage during the fall 2013 semester.

December 30: Ins and Outs of Physical Computing

Students did excellent work on their final projects for Damon Baker’s course. Watch videos of the projects in action, and read students’ reflections!




December 18: Custom & Aesthetically Pleasing Carpentry

Josel De la Cruz’s carpentry design blog features reviews, slideshows, and tutorials. We love seeing so many great student projects on the OpenLab!




December 9: Phototype

Ryan Melendez’s design blog, created in Jennifer Sears’s writing course, includes reviews, tutorials, photos, ASCII art and more. Take a look!




December 2: Jill Bouratoglou’s Portfolio

We have a growing number of faculty Portfolios on the OpenLab, in addition to student ePortfolios. Check out Jill Bouratoglou’s beautiful work!



November 18: GRA 2330, Digital Photography

Robin Michals’s students are posting and reflecting on some great photos from a recent session called “Painting with Light.” Take a look!




November 11: History of Photography

Is a selfie is art? Sandra Cheng’s students are considering this question and others on their course site. What do you think?




November 3: What is Vaudeville? The Brooklyn Experience

Students in Peter Catapano’s US History course have been doing archival research at the Brooklyn Historical Society on Brooklyn’s vaudeville theaters.



October 28: Wines of the New World

Karen Goodlad’s students have written reflections on their trip to Red Hook Winery where they crafted their own blends. We wish we could sample them!




October 21: Introduction to Food & Beverage Management

Check out students’ posts on the theme “Where I’m From, We Eat,” inspired by Willie Perdomo’s poem “Where I’m From.”




October 7: Ins and Outs of Physical Computing

Damon Baker’s course site is full of activity, including lots of writing, media, and student interaction.  And, robots, of course!




September 30: The Composition of Happiness

Jill Belli’s ENG 1101 course not only is a fine model of a robust course, it has resources for all courses, and a happiness archive!




August 21: Hospitality Garden

The Hospitality Garden has been busy growing all summer in its new location! Check out the site to see updates, photos, events, or get directions.