This Week in the OpenLab: April 30th Edition


We have a couple of events coming up featuring our student community team we’d like to let you know about!



First, our team will be presenting at the CUNY CUE conference on May 8th. The conference starts at 9 am at City College, and you can register here. Our team will be presenting at 3:15 in Room SH 210.

Engaging a College Community through Open Digital Technologies: City Tech’s OpenLab

Jill Belli, Konyca Francis, Scott Henkle, Andrew McKinney, Mandy Mei, Jody Rosen, Brianna Vasquez, Bree Zuckerman, New York City College of Technology

The OpenLab is an open online space where members can work together, experiment, and innovate. We will share compelling uses of the platform and discuss the possibilities such technologies create for teaching, learning, and collaboration in an open Digital CUNY.

You can find out more about the conference here.



We’ll also be presenting at the Honors and Emerging Scholars Poster Presentation, scheduled for Wednesday, May 6, 2015 from 11-4 PM and Thursday, May 7, 2015 from 10-3 PM (The awards ceremony is scheduled to start at 12:30 PM on May 7th). The poster presentation will take place in the Atrium First and Ground Floors. The awards ceremony ¬†will take place in the atrium amphitheater.

We hope you can attend one or both of these events!

This Week in the OpenLab: March 4th Edition

This week we wanted to let our new student community team introduce themselves! ¬†Check them out below, and don’t forget to follow The Buzz for all their wonderful work.


Hello I‚Äôm Jean-Luc Antoine, I am a student majoring in Bioinformatics. The program is pretty challenging but what I¬†particularly¬†like about it, is¬†that it’s a link between computer science and biology. City Tech has been my school for quite a few semesters now, so far I’ve had an¬†agreeable experience.¬†Further¬†more,¬†I’ve invested time at getting¬†involve in clubs and other fun extracurricular¬†activities¬†at the school to ameliorate my¬†experience and meet new people. The OpenLab is where I get to display¬†one my passion which is photography.¬†I see photography as an art enabling me to express¬†my creative and artistic¬†self, in the most¬†profound and meaningful ways.


Hello All! My name is Amoni B, Owner of Vive Entertainment Enterprises, LLC.¬†I am a Brooklyn native and¬†I have been enrolled in City Tech for some time, obtaining my Associates of the Arts and Sciences in Electromechanical Engineering Technology. Now¬†I am retrieving my certificate in Interactive Media Technologies¬†(Entertainment Technology).¬†‚ÄčI LOVE the hands-on knowledge, the technological tasks, and the modern prototyping and visuals. This year I am president of the ¬†Printmakers Club, an actress and creative collaborator in City Tech’s Spring production “Fallen Sparrow,” and of course a blogger on City Tech’s¬†THE BUZZ. I am an published freelancer¬†that¬†partakes¬†activism¬†and anything to deal with beauty, fashion and entertainment.

Hi, I’m Shawn Brumell. Currently a senior at City College of Technology, I’m majoring in Communication Design Management. For the last year, I’ve been working at the Queens Museum, as a Visitor Agent. Part of my job entails being a tour guide, explainer, and a researcher, who comes up with brand new ways of getting more people to attend the museum. With a passion for writing and designing, I hope to continue in a field that allows me to express both, once I graduate.

Hi! My name is Jessica Deng and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. I love this program because it encompasses all things related to hospitality from food to marketing to hotels to wine and much more than you can possibly think of. I am currently working as a Marketing Associate in a commercial real estate firm, focusing primarily on social media marketing and administrative duties.
When I am not in school or work, I am working on my personal food blog – Ambitious Eats, where I share my growing passion for food or out exploring new foods and restaurants in The Big Apple. I am a food enthusiast and social media guru. I’m a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, NY. I am thrilled to be a student blogger for Openlab and look forward to sharing with you my passion and love for food.
Processed with VSCOcam
Hi, my name is Konyca Francis.¬†I am a Liberal Arts and Electromechanical Engineering major. I’ve been living in brooklyn over five years now. Originally I’m from the beautiful Island of Grenada. As an aspiring photographer most of my spare time is spent exploring the city and capturing images with friends.


Hi, my name is Amanda Marmol and I am currently a sophomore here at New York City College of Technology, majoring in Law and Paralegal Studies. I love the program not only because I am aspiring to becoming an attorney but I appreciate the fact that you get a ‚Äútaste‚ÄĚ of different types of laws. For example, Real Estate Law, Family Law and everyone‚Äôs favorite, Criminal Law! With your interest in certain classes it makes your decision easier for you when it comes to what kind of paralegal or maybe even attorney you will like to become. Aside from doing so much reading/studying for my classes I try to maintain a fun/social life. I enjoy blogging on Tumblr which drew my interest to becoming a blogger here on Open Lab for The Buzz. My main task is to encourage many of you to take a step out of your studies and have fun! As a law student, I am aware of how overwhelming things get throughout the semester and sometimes you just need one day to yourself to do something exciting/adventurous. This is why I post about many events and activities that can be done here in the city that most of us are unaware of. Oh, and did I mention that I actually attend most of these activities? Yes, not only will you get references to places but you will also get my opinion on it.¬† I‚Äôll stop chatting now, go check out The Buzz and get to having fun!


Mandy Mei

Mandy is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. She enjoys trying new activities, exploring out of the country, and learning about other languages and cultures, and making art for gallery exhibitions.

She¬†is currently a part of the¬†Faculty Commons Design Team¬†at¬†City Tech and freelancing in design, illustration, and wall murals. In the past she has¬†worked for¬†Infor‚ÄėsHook&Loop¬†team,¬†Made in NY Media Center by IFP,¬†Ouchi Gallery, and New Tech Times at City Tech.

Pastry Arts

Hello, my name is Brianna Vasquez and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Hospitality Management at New York City College of Technology. I hope to become a pastry chef and share random stories of food with others through Citytech’s The Buzz. During my free time, I enjoy swimming, reading, watching hockey and many other hobbies. But I love baking and making people happy by way of food. I would like to think that many will be interesting in the topics of posts as well as the stories put into them. I can’t wait to read and comment everyone’s posts in the future. Happy Posting!

This Week in the OpenLab: February 24th Edition

We have had a recent release on the OpenLab, which includes a few new features and plug-ins we think you might be interested in! Here are the important details:



Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.49.27 AM

We have installed the most recent version of the Papercite plug-in, which allows users to upload and display bibtex files on a page or post. You can see an example above, and find out more about the plug-in here:



We have also installed a new calendar plug-in! The Events Calendar is far more robust. According to its developers: “The Events Calendar is built to work out of the box: it doesn‚Äôt use a shortcode (nor is one available). Just turn it on, configure the settings to match your needs and you’ll be making events within less than 5 minutes.” ¬†It includes the following features (and far more):

  • Rapidly create events
  • Saved venues & organizers
  • Calendar month view with tooltips
  • List view
  • Event search
  • Google maps
  • Widget: Upcoming events
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories & Tags)
  • Completely ajaxified for super smooth browsing
  • Completely responsive from mobile to tablet to desktop

You can watch a video tutorial about it as well!



Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.58.47 PM

As simple as it comes. A simple plugin that allows you to set an expiration date on posts. Once a post is expired, it will no longer be sticky. Once you activate the plug-in, you’ll see the field appear at the bottom of the “publish” field.



Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.27.28 PM

Ok, this is not a new plug-in, but we have added a new feature to one of our existing plug-ins. ¬†When you grade a post, you’ll see it appear in a “grade” column on the post page of your site, which will make end of term grading far simpler–simply search for a student name, and the grades will appear!

That’s all for this week, and as always, email us with any questions!

This Week in the OpenLab: February 10th Edition

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.26.20 PMThis week we introduce our newest Community Team members! ¬†We’re excited to add several new student bloggers to our team, to pick up where last year’s bloggers left off. We have bloggers who will be writing about fashion, about food, and more! ¬†In addition, we’re very excited to begin including a few photobloggers, who will be sharing their photographs from around the city with us.

We’ll have more about them in the coming weeks, but please, be sure to join The Buzz, and comment on their¬†work!

Here’s a sample from our first post:

Should Dressing for Success in School depend on Preference, Profession, or Professionalism?

Dress for Success

Image by Kaz via CC* license

Are you someone who wakes up and just throw something on when heading to class? Maybe you like to show your creative side when finding new fabrics to wear. Or maybe you perceive your place of education like a job interview. Is there an unsaid dress-code when going to school?

During my 5, not so sequential, years at New York City College of Technology (City Tech), and while attending several success-seminars outside of school, I noticed everyone has different views on how to accessorize oneself. This can be due to many factors: how we are raised; environmental influences; and personal preference. However, at this age in our lives, I blame it on timing (whether someone may be rushing, or not), preference and attitude.

First, I will tell you how I choose what to wear where. OR, should I say the types of clothing I have? I guess it doesn‚Äôt matter. Okay, Here goes. ¬†Depending on the impression I want to make, usually a great one, I will dress accordingly, including while attending school! I shall say this:¬†ONLY WEAR SWEATS AND SPANDEX IF AT A GYM OR WORKING OUT!¬†I will dress business-casual when seeing clients. ¬†I will dress upscale when around certain sponsors. I will dress fashionable & ‚ÄúBeat for the Gawds‚ÄĚ at certain social events. I will wear pajama pants only at home! I know many of you reading this my find comfort in wearing them outside‚Ķ. AND OF COURSE, when I go to a class I will dress comfortable and casual, yet well kempt. Sometimes, even dressing in business attire. I guess at a Tech Production for ‚ÄúFalling Sparrow,‚ÄĚ I may put on light makeup to have less impurities on film.¬†Aside: If I am coming from, or going to, work or another engagement, my attire may vary.

Amoni B in proffesional attire

Amoni B by Love&Fashion

This Week In The OpenLab: February 2nd Edition

Groundhog_Day,_Punxsutawney,_2013-2(image by Anthony Quintano via Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons License)


As the new term begins, we want to announce our workshop schedule, and two new OpenLab initiatives:  Office Hours and Open Hours!


Office Hours (please note, office hours are for faculty and staff only)

The Community Team will now be holding regular office hours to help those of you who feel you need extra help, have a quick question, can’t make a workshop, etc. ¬†Really, anything you need, just stop on by! ¬†Office Hours will be held in the Faculty Commons Conference room throughout the semester. The schedule is as follows:

All office hours will be held in the conference room of the Faculty Commons, N227.

Mondays: February 9, March 2, March 30, May 4, 4:00-5:00pm

Wednesdays: February 11, March 11, April 15, May 13, 2:00-3:00pm

Thursdays: February 19, March 19, April 23, May 14, 1:00-2:00pm


Open Hours

Similarly, we’re answering user needs by offering a workshop of a different format. Open Hours take place in a computer lab, but the agenda is yours to determine! Come for a quick question, to work on a specific problem, or to confer with colleagues. ¬†The schedule is as follows:

OPENLAB OPEN HOUR (All Levels Experience Welcome!) Thursday, May 7, 2:30-3:30pm (A540)



And of course, we’ll be offering our usual slate of workshops throughout the semester. And the schedule is as follows:

Ready to get started using the OpenLab? This workshop introduces you to some of the exciting features of the OpenLab and helps you sign up for your OpenLab account and create your OpenLab profile! You will need access to your City Tech email account to get started.
Thursday, February 5, 2:30-4:30pm (G604)

Ready to learn more about setting up your course on the OpenLab? This workshop helps you create your course profile and course site with an emphasis on using OpenLab features to enhance your course syllabus. Please bring your syllabus and other course materials to this mixed-level session. You will need an account on the OpenLab ‚Äď or to attend a Getting Started session first.
Friday, February 13, 11:00am-1:00pm (G604)

Ready to bring more online discussion into your course? This workshop shares useful OpenLab tools for blogging and interacting with your students online, and helps you to brainstorm assignment design for your OpenLab course. You will need an account on the OpenLab ‚Äď or to attend a Getting Started session first.
Thursday, March 5, 2:00-4:00pm (G604)

REORGANIZING YOUR SITE (OpenLab Experience Required!)
Ready to restructure your course, project, or club site? In this workshop, we will help you to rethink the organization of your site for enhanced use and better interaction with your students, colleagues, or peers.
Wednesday, April 15, 12:00-2:00pm (G604)

Workshops are open to all City Tech faculty and staff. Part-time faculty are eligible to receive a stipend for workshops.

RSVP:  or email us at Please include workshop date(s) and time(s).

That’s all for this week. Hope to see you at one of these events, and as always, contact us with any questions!

This Week in the OpenLab: December 9th Edition


(image by JD Hancock via creative commons license)

Thought we’d take this final post of the term to revisit an old post/topic, Course Cloning.¬†Cloning is a key feature to course management on the OpenLab, and we want to be sure as many of you know about it as possible. ¬†Our system makes it incredibly easy to ‚Äúclone‚ÄĚ a course, bringing all documents, posts and pages created by the site administrator, and most settings to a new and uniquely named site and profile. ¬†You‚Äôll find cloning is now integrated into the OpenLab‚Äôs course creation. ¬†You can learn more about it the specifics about how to clone a course¬†here¬†(and below).

Cloning a course is particularly useful for a few reasons:

  • for setting up multiple sections of the same course in a new semester. You can create the framework of your course, then clone it, changing the name of the url to create a new section of the course.
  • for creating a new course based on an old one.¬† When your course is over, you can clone it, creating a new course that doesn’t contain any old student work. This both saves you time and leaves the old coursework accessible to the students who took the course. Keeping student work accessible on the OpenLab is very important: they may need to build on that work in later courses or show it to a potential employer, so please don’t delete it. (If it’s vital that your new students aren’t able to see the old students’ work, you can simply change the privacy settings on the old course to make it available to members only.)¬† Find more on managing your courses here, or contact us if you have questions.
  • for sharing a course framework between teaching partners, or even entire departments. Some departments have expressed a desire to coordinate all sections of a course across the department. ¬†That can also be done via course cloning: once the department has decided on a framework, it can be cloned for each new instructor, simply by changing the administrator of the course (you can find out more about there here).

If you want to copy only certain parts of a course site, however, or to copy material created by users other than yourself, you might want to use the import/export function on our sites.  You can learn more about that here.  Do note that the import/export function only copies course sites:  if most of your course material is on your profile page, you probably are better off using the clone feature.

Remember, for any cloning situation, we’re likely to have solutions. We‚Äôd love to discuss ¬†options with you. ¬†Email us anytime at¬†

And here are the details of how to clone, from our help section:

Cloning a course will create an exact copy of an existing course, keeping all content you created or uploaded, but student work will not be copied over.  The course avatar, course settings, and site settings will all remain the same, although you can change anything as necessary.

  1. After logging in, click My OpenLab in the main menu. Then click My Courses in the right-hand menu. On the My Courses page, click + Create / Clone a Course at the top of the page.Create_Clone_Course_1

1a. You may also begin cloning a course by going to the Profile of the course you would like to clone.  Choose Course Settings in the right-hand menu and then + Clone Course.

Clone_Course_1aStep One: Profile

  1. On the first Create/Clone a Course screen, choose Clone an Existing Course and then in the dropdown menu, select the course you would like to clone.
  2. Enter the Course Name.
  3. You’ll notice that the description is already filled in, and is the same as the course you are cloning. The School, Department, Course Code, and Section Code are also pre-populated.  You can leave these as they appear or edit.Clone_Course_1
  4. Enter the Semester and Year.
  5. Choose the site details. ¬†The button for ‚ÄúName your cloned site‚ÄĚ will be pre-selected. ¬†Fill in the URL for the new site. ¬†Please note: the site address must be different from the old site, which will be displayed below.¬† You should also only include the last part of the URL (do not include
  • It is a good practice to add Semester and Year to differentiate between your courses from one semester to another: FacultyLastNameCourseCodeSemYear. ¬†For example: smithadv1100sp2012
  • If you teach multiple sections and plan to create additional course sites on the OpenLab, consider adding other identifying information to the URL, such as the section number or days of the week (for example, MW or TuTh).

You may also choose to create a new site, use an existing site, or use an external site.

  1. When you are finished, click Create Course and Continue.

Clone_Course_2Step 2: Privacy Settings

The privacy settings for the new course will be the same as the settings for the course you are cloning, but you may change them if you wish.

  1. Choose your Profile privacy settings.  These settings control the privacy of the course profile, and are different from the course site, which you will choose next. You can change the settings at any time.

This is a public course:

  • The course profile and related content and activity will be visible to the public, whether or not they are members of the OpenLab.
  • The course profile will be listed in the OpenLab course directory and search results.
  • Any OpenLab member may join this course.
  • Even if you want your course to be private, you might want to choose this option for the first few weeks of the semester because it is easier for students to join.

This is a private course:

  • The course profile and related content and activity will only be visible to members of the course.
  • The course profile will be listed in the course directory and search results.
  • Only OpenLab members who request membership and are accepted by the professor may join this course.

This is a hidden course:

  • The course profile, related content, and activity will only be visible only to members of the course.
  • The course profile will NOT be listed in the course directory and search results.
  • Only OpenLab members who are invited may join this course.
  1. Next, choose the privacy settings for your course site.


Allow search engines to index this site:

  • Anyone can visit your site without needing a password.
  • Search engines will index all pages and posts, meaning your site will show up in search results on Google, Bing and others.
  • Choose this option for maximum public visibility.

Ask search engines not to index this site:

  • Visitors do not need a password to see your site if they know the URL or are linked from elsewhere, but Google, Bing and other search engines should not index your posts and pages. (Please note: it is up to search engines to honor your request.)
  • Choose this option if you want to be able to show the blog to people who are not members of the OpenLab, but you don‚Äôt want people to stumble upon it via search engines.


I would like my site to be visible only to registered users of City Tech OpenLab:

  • Anyone who is signed into the OpenLab can see this site.
  • Choose this option if you‚Äôd only like the OpenLab community to be able to see the site.

I would like my site to be visible to registered users of this Course:

  • Only members of your course will be able to visit the site.
  • Choose this option if you only want enrolled students to be able to see the site.


I would like my site to be visible only to site administrators:

  • No one except site admins (only the professor, unless you add others) can see the site.
  • You may choose this option if you are in the process of creating your course site, but it would rarely be useful during an active course.
  1. When you’re done, click Next Step.Create_Clone_Course_3

Step Three: Changing Avatar


  1. The avatar for the course you have cloned will appear.  If you would like to keep that avatar, just click Next Step. If you would like to change it, click Browse.  Select the file you want to use from your computer or flash drive and then click Upload Image.


  1. When you are done click Next Step.

Step Four: Inviting Members

  1. If you would like to invite members to your Course, start typing their display name.  When a dropdown list appears, select their name from the list.  Their name and avatar will appear under the heading Invites.  When you’re finished, or if you do not wish to invite anyone at this time (you can always do it later!), click Finish, at the bottom of the page.CreateCourse_8
  2. After you click Finish your course will be cloned, and you will be on the Course Profile page of your new course!  From here, you can (a) change settings such as privacy, Course description, or (b) change your avatar.  From your Course Profile you can also access your (c) Course Site and Dashboard (the admin panel, where you will edit and add content to your Course Site).


  • You will notice that any posts on the Discussion forum or Docs you created or Files you uploaded in the previous course will appear in the new course. You can keep or delete any as necessary.
  • All your posts and pages from the previous course site will also have been cloned. ¬†However, they will be in draft form, so you will need to publish any that you would like to appear on the new site.
  • The theme and header image will remain the same, although you may change these at any time. ¬†In addition, any pluginsor widgets you had activated on your old site will appear on the new site. ¬†And, if you created a custom menu it will remain the same on the new site.

Help information on course site privacy courtesy of Blogs@Baruch at Baruch College, CUNY.

This Week in the OpenLab: CUNY IT Conference Edition

This week the OL is off to the CUNY IT Conference at John Jay on December 4th and 5th. Come see us at our panel! ¬†And below that you’ll also find panels starring some of the OL members and staff. Hope to see you at the raffle!




This workshop explores how open digital technologies can move beyond delivering content to building networks, experiences, and communities. Drawing examples from City Tech‚Äôs OpenLab ‚Äď an open platform for teaching, learning, and collaborating with 11,000+ members ‚Äď we will facilitate an interactive session highlighting challenges and opportunities participants may face at their own campuses and, together, generate creative solutions. We see this session as a step towards future cross-campus collaborations.

Jill Belli, Assistant Professor of English / OpenLab Co-Director, New York City College of Technology
Charlie Edwards, Living Lab Program Manager, New York City College of Technology
M. Genevieve Hitchings, Assistant Professor of Communication Design / OpenLab Co-Director, New York City College of Technology
Jonas Reitz, Associate Professor of Mathematics / Living Lab Project Director, New York City College of Technology
Jody R. Rosen, Assistant Professor of English / OpenLab Co-Director, New York City College of Technology
Jenna Spevack, Associate Professor of Communication Design / OpenLab Co-Director, New York City College of Technology




The CUNY Innovation Survey ( is a crowd-sourced site that showcases technology-related initiatives and achievements through contributions from across the university. The survey gives, for the first time, a snapshot view and folksonomy of innovation at CUNY. This roundtable will outline the survey results, and invite conversation between representatives of several high-impact programs featured in the survey, who will discuss how their programs support a CUNY culture of innovation.

Lisa Brundage,
Director, CUNY Advance
Erin Glass, Ph.D. Student in English and Digital Fellow, CUNY Graduate Center
Jody R. Rosen, Assistant Professor of English, New York City College of TechnologyJohn Sorrentino, Post Doctoral Digital Learning Fellow, Macaulay Honors College




This presentation will focus on a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to instruction with a focus on methodologies employed in grassroots environmental research. We will provide an overview of grassroots/citizen science as a model for lifelong place-based learning, discuss how it may be integrated into teaching, and demonstrate ways that the use of open data tools and open source technologies can provide a foundation for research collaborations in the classroom and beyond.

Bronwen Densmore
, Assistant Professor & Instructional Design Librarian, New York City College of Technology
Elia Machado, Assistant Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Geospacial Sciences, Lehman College
Jeremy Seto, Assistant Professor of Biology, New York City College of Technology




As campuses everywhere ‘go digital’, the CUNY Graduate Center’s ‘Digital GC’ initiative continues to integrate digital tools and methods into the research, teaching, and service missions of the institution. In this presentation and roundtable panel, Director Matthew Gold (and a number of students across a host of departments and educational programs) will discuss their work as part of this initiative, presenting some of the unique and imaginative current programs.

Matthew K. Gold
, Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center
Kenneth U. Ezrim, GC Digital Fellow, Computer Science
Erin Glass, GC Digital Fellow, English
Michelle Johnson, GC Digital Fellow, Linguistics
Laura Wildemann Kane, GC Digital Fellow, Philosophy
Micki Kaufman, GC Digital Fellow, History
Andrew McKinney, GC Digital Fellow, Sociology
Alice Lynn McMichael, GC Digital Fellow, Art History
Evan Misshula, GC Digital Fellow, Criminal Justice
Keith Miyake, GC Digital Fellow, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Patrick Smyth, GC Digital Fellow, English
Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant Round 3 Winners: Micki Kaufman (‚ÄėQuantifying Kissinger‚Äô), Eric Knudsen (‘Six Degrees of Occupation’), Amanda Licastro (‚ÄėThe Writing Studies Tree‚Äô), Peri Ozlem Yuksel-Sokmen (‚ÄėLazuri Talking Child Stories‚Äô)

This Week in the OpenLab: Thanksgiving Edition!


(image by Jelene via Creative Commons license)

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will celebrate it this week, happy to break to anyone who is not. Enjoy the days off!




(image by Kassy via Creative Commons lisence)

Applications have been coming in over the last two weeks for our student blogger and photoblogger opportunities, and we’re thrilled about it. ¬†We are going to be hiring several of each, so please keep them coming, and if you haven’t sent your application in yet, you can do so until December 1. ¬†You can find out more about the position, and what the application requires, here. ¬†Faculty members, please keep those recommendations coming!



(image by Nemo via Creative Commons Lisence)

In a bit of “under the hood” news, last week we launched our November release. You probably won’t notice anything, mostly it involved bug-fixes and some streamlining. But we’re always at work to improve the OpenLab, and always welcome your questions and comments!



Our last workshop of the term will follow the Thanksgiving break pretty quickly, so we wanted to add this reminder here. The last workshop of this term will be a Getting Started Workshop on Wednesday, December 3rd from 2 to 4 pm, while the last student workshop of the term will run from 4:40 to 5:30. Both will be held in G604, and you can register for the faculty workshop here. No reservations are necessary for the student workshop, just drop on by! ¬†And we’ll be announcing the intersession and spring workshop schedule soon.

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful break and contact us with any questions!