In the Spotlight: Rogue Bayron’s ePortfolio


City Tech students, have you wondered¬†what to do with your ePortfolio? If so, head over to Rogue Bayron’s site for an excellent example of an ePortfolio that showcases talent.¬†The site includes all the essential elements of a portfolio that positions Rogue for the job market: a bio, cover letter and resume, and examples of classwork. Rogue takes their portfolio a step further by also including a weekly blog about an¬†internship experience¬†and posts from a student club where they serve as vice president. Any prospective employer needs only visit Rogue’s ePortfolio to capture¬†an immediate snapshot of¬†who they are and what they are capable of. We encourage students of all industries — from graphic design to hospitality management — to take advantage of your¬†free ePortfolio in order to showcase your best work!


This Month on the OpenLab: OL 1.6.6


(Image by Jake Rust of GotCredit)

We released version 1.6.6 of the OpenLab on March 16, which included a few additions and improvements we think our users will find helpful.

We added two plugins ‚ÄĒ Category Sticky Post¬†and Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On. The first allows users to choose a post to be displayed (or ‚Äústuck‚ÄĚ) to the top of any category archive page. Anyone interested can read more about this here.

The Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On also allows you to create automatically graded quizzes (or tests, really, depending on how you define those terms!). You can find a tutorial on how to use it here. There’s also a handy video tutorial here:

We also released our first plugin to the broader WordPress community! Our developer, Boone Gorges, made some updates to the OpenLab Grade Comments plugin to make it functional outside of the OpenLab, and added it to the WordPress plugin directory, where it can be found with a slightly different name, WP Grade Comments. Any OpenLab members who are currently using the plugin may also notice the name change on their site but, other than that, the functionality is the same.

Finally, we added a message to the Dashboard of newly-cloned courses reminding the site administrator that posts and pages from the newly-cloned site are set to ‚Äúdraft‚ÄĚ until they‚Äôre published or deleted, and custom menus will need to be reactivated. This is something that can be easy to forget, so we hope this helps make the cloning process even easier!

As always, email us at with any questions.

In the Spotlight: New Features on The Open Road

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.05.32 PM

The Open Road has been updated, with new easy-to-use features! Check out our OpenLab Calendar¬†where you can see the month’s upcoming workshops, events, and office hours. See OpenLab News for weekly announcements and updates. And stay tuned for This Month in the OpenLab, a monthly post that¬†will announce new developments on the site, including the plugins that you’ve requested. As always, we will continue to highlight noteworthy courses, projects, clubs, and ePortfolios in the Spotlight, and you will always be able to RSVP to workshops from the Workshops and Events menu item.

Open Pedagogy: Exploring Research Projects on the OpenLab





Please join us for our next Open Pedagogy event:

Exploring Research Projects on the OpenLab 
Thursday, March 17, 5:00-6:30pm (N227)

Interested in learning more about how the OpenLab can support your research? Previous events have focused on courses, but we’re seeing more research projects appear on the OpenLab. This session showcases this exciting work happening at City Tech, and explores some of the ways faculty and staff are using the OpenLab to collaborate with colleagues and students on research projects.

Part-time faculty are eligible to receive a stipend for participation. Refreshments will be served.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Image credit: janneke staaks


In the Spotlight: City Tech Printmaking Club


City Tech’s Printmaking Club is a one-stop shop for students learning¬†to make prints. The club, advised by Profs. Libby Clarke and David Barthold and staffed by a top-notch¬†team of student officers, is dedicated to “keeping traditional printmaking alive at City Tech.” On the club’s OpenLab site, students can find posts on the history of printmaking through the development of ink, on printmaking techniques like linocut, and on events like their recent Valentine’s Day Card sale. All around, this site is a great example for any club trying to boost their online presence.

P.S. Want to learn more about the Printmaking Club? Check out their current exhibition of prints in the City Tech library!

Photography on The Buzz: Artwork by City Tech’s Very Own Student Photo-Bloggers

Have you seen the beautiful¬†photography taken by our¬†student photo-bloggers and featured on The Buzz? If not, the work is a must-see. Check out examples of segments from the¬†team members’ posts below, and make sure to follow the site for more!


Jessica: What’s Been Cooking in the Kitchen

Happy March everyone! This post is going to be a little different because instead of a typical restaurant review, I will actually like to show you what I‚Äôve been cooking lately. I‚Äôve had extra time on my hands the last two months, so I‚Äôve used that time to blog and cook. Here‚Äôs what I‚Äôve been making lately and prepare to salivate ‚Äď

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad


Jean-Luc: NYCFC Winning the Hearts of New Yorkers

New York City Football Club (NYCFC) is back representing New York City in the Major League Soccer (MLS) again. Last season in 2015, NYCFC started playing and they won the heart of many New Yorkers including myself. Many football (soccer) fanatics gathered at Yankee Stadium whenever they played to watch and support our beloved team. The first year we did not really care if the team was a title contender team or winning every games, we were just happy that we finally had a football (soccer) team in New York City that we could passionately support weeks and weeks out.



Konyca: Foggy Nights

‚ÄúLearn to appreciate the finer things in life‚ÄĚ

It‚Äôs something I‚Äôve always try to live by. Instead of fussing and feeling ‚Äėblue‚Äô when it rains, I‚Äôm often filled with euphoria. Why? Because I get to be creative with the photos I take.

As some of you may have seen before, I took pictures when it was foggy in daylight. A few months ago my friend I and decided to take advantage of the rain and fog at night.


In the Spotlight: ARCH 1130 – Building Technology I


In ARCH 1130 – Building Technology I, Prof. Jason Montgomery teaches a wide breadth of design topics: from building¬†assemblage to documentation. To do so, his students move from¬†architectural theory to drawing practice to case studies, all in one semester. Prof. Montgomery manages to cover this much ground with the help of his OpenLab site. Students can find all the materials they need for each section of the course: from text books to drafting triangles, lecture notes to sketchbook images. Prof. Montgomery also uses his site to make sure that¬†students have all the resources that they need for success in his course. He includes instructions for creating an ePortfolio, as well as reading strategies and learning rubrics. Check out the site to see all this, plus beautiful samples¬†of his¬†students’¬†work.

Open Pedagogy workshop with the Living Lab General Education Fellows

IMG_1333 IMG_1336

On Friday, the Living Lab General Education Fellows gathered for an Open Pedagogy workshop hosted by Prof. Karen Goodlad, Prof. Nora Almeida, and the OpenLab Community Team. Fellows discussed student skill development for information literacy, brainstormed open pedagogy strategies in the classroom, and even got to play the famous OpenLab open pedagogy game. Thanks to Profs Goodlad, Prof. Almeida, and the Living Lab General Education Fellows for joining us!

In the Spotlight: ENG1710 – Introduction to Language and Technology

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.30.14 PM

In Prof. Lest√≥n’s English class, Introduction to Language and Technology, students not only write responses to course reading, but also develop revision plans and second drafts of their writing on the course site. All this work — including Prof. Lest√≥n’s feedback to each student — is available¬†for the class to see, so that students benefit¬†from observing their peers’ drafting process as well as their own. What’s more, Prof. Lest√≥n has included the¬†project¬†that students in his Fall 2015 course undertook, thereby drawing a link from one semester to the next. And as an added perk, the “Culture Jams” section of the¬†site keeps a “storehouse of viral images” related to the themes of the course, which both he and his students can populate as they come across them throughout the semester. Check out the site to see for yourself!

In the Spotlight: Literary Arts Festival

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.34.51 AM

Planning for the 2016 City Tech Literary Arts Festival is underway, and the organizing committee is making full use of their site to get out the word. Check it out¬†to see a great example of a Project on the OpenLab. You can find information about previous festivals, this year’s featured writer Mary Gaitskill, and the 2016 Writing Competition. And don’t forget to submit your writing¬†to the competition; the deadline is February 25th! Have questions? Contact Festival Directors Professor Robert Ostrom¬†and¬†Professor Jennifer Sears.