What Is Grammar? Blog Post Assignment (Professor Rodgers)

Blog Assignment: What Is Grammar?
Professor Rodgers

Please complete the following.  At the end, and after you have completed these steps by writing out your findings either on paper or in a separate electronic file, you will be asked to post your findings in a one paragraph blog post.

1/ Please describe your understanding of the term grammar and the basis for that definition, e.g., I’ve been told that I have bad grammar by teachers because I cannot spell well, etc.

2/ Look up the definition of grammar in a dictionary.  Write down the definition.  Please also include the title of the dictionary from which you took the definition and the page number on which the definition was found.  For example:  Definition of the term grammar.  The Oxford American College Dictionary (2002), p. 707.

  • 3/ Your response to Question 1 is your own connotative definition of grammar.  Your response to Question 2 is a denotative definition of grammar.  In one to three sentences, please compare and contrast these.  Are these two statements similar or different?  What is the major similarity or difference between them?
  • 4/ Create a blog post in which you write one paragraph explaining your findings and what you have learned from this exercise.  Finally, please list one to three questions that you have about grammar(s).