Spring 2021 Support

Jane from Central New York, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The OpenLab team is here to help you through this semester! Here are a few of our resources to help you through:

The Open Road offers OpenLab news, the full archive of what we’ve spotlighted, our support schedule for open hours and one-on-one appointments, information about how to request a workshop, and a link out to OpenLab screencasts.

Two really helpful modules, Teaching with the OpenLab, and The OpenLab for Students, can help instructors and students get asynchronous support for teaching and learning on the OpenLab.

Our email support offers anyone the opportunity to write in to get help with a specific question.

Finally, we hope you find a little comfort with our Comforting Content for COVID Coping. Sometimes we tweet comforting images or video from our Twitter account, @CityTechOpenLab, using the #ComfortingContent hashtag.

Is there topic in open pedagogy you’d like to see us address here on Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab? Let us know here in the comments or by getting in touch directly!

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