Welcome to this Introductory module. By reading through this site and participating in the interactive activity at the end, you get a better sense of all the possibilities of the OpenLab.

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What is the OpenLab?

City Tech’s OpenLab is an open-source digital platform where students, faculty, and staff meet to learn, work, and share their ideas. Built by and for City Tech using open source software (WordPress and BuddyPress), the OpenLab is designed to provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff at our commuter campus to connect and collaborate across the college.

The OpenLab supports teaching and learning, enables connection and collaboration, and strengthens the intellectual and social life of the college community. The project is driven by a community-focused ethos, flexible infrastructure, and commitment to openness, and is proud to partner with many initiatives across campus (e.g., First Year Learning Communities, General Education, Open Education Resources) to better serve our college community. Since its launch in Fall 2011, the OpenLab has helped to foster openness and experimentation, supporting a growing community, now 20,000+ members strong.

Why use the OpenLab?

The OpenLab’s platform is WordPress, a content management system that powers over 25% of all websites on the Internet, making learning it a valuable, transferable skill for students, faculty, and staff.

Not only is the Openlab built with open source technology, it’s also been designed to leverage the benefits of the openness of the Internet in general.  When students, faculty, and staff can communicate and share across departmental and administrative boundaries, the whole college community benefits. If you’re interested in reading more about the benefits of Open Digital Pedagogy on the OpenLab, take a look at this article by City Tech Chief Librarian Maura Smale and City Tech Associate Professor of English Jody Rosen.

How are people using the OpenLab?

To learn more about what makes up the OpenLab and how people are using the it, take the OpenLab tour(s) and peruse the courses, projects, clubs, and ePortfolios we’ve spotlighted over the years.  

 Now move onto the second part of this module: How to Use the OpenLab.