My full name is Olorundamilola C. Okemeta. Pretty long, right? I know. You could reach out to me as X-tinah (my nickname), or Lola (the shorter version of my first name). I am originally from a small native family in Nigeria, Africa. I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a pre-med studies. An aspiring cardiologist and also a motivational writer. Publicizing this post would be my first post on this website , which is overwhelming but interesting!

People might ask themselves these… Why is an aspiring surgeon or an undergraduate pre-med student having a portfolio that has to do with creative writing and not a blog that has to do with why chemical reactions exist and how two water molecules can react to form one hydronium ion and one hydroxide ion? Funny, right? Well, I am right here to give answers to that…

  • Becoming a cardiologist is my academic long-term dream, a realistic dream, but writing down thoughts, brainstorming or doing things that interest me outside of only science in general has always being my passion.
  • I am here to learn, to grow, to motivate people, to let out my thoughts, to hear feed backs, to see if I am capable of fitting this into my tight schedule, my competence.
  • Why e-portfolios, rather than keeping a personal journal?
    • I fell in love with creative writing on the very first day I started taking the course, I discovered myself when I found interest in it, and started working more on given assignments or in-class free writes, which was recently. I have always kept my thoughts to myself, bury my head in books, keep journals, personal diaries, or my little student notebooks. Then I told myself, “why have all these in a locked drawer, rather than publicize it and hear feed backs.” I know through this, I would not only learn but also impact knowledge.


  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
    • Presently, there aren’t specifics in mind. I tend to write with my mood, the flow, the energy, my instincts. It gives me strength in an indescribable way. However, this platform would include stories (fiction or non-fiction), songs, free writes, poems etc.


  • Who would you love to connect with via your portfolio?
    • It isn’t possible to connect with everyone, but nevertheless, there are great minds out there, I would love to get replies from people as much as I can. To hear from a broader perspectives, students, instructors, journalist, etc. I would love to grow naturally, develop new writing skills, and all these can’t be possible without feed backs.


  • If you handle all these successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?
    • I hope to have inspired people, to have motivate young writers to follow their heart and keep their heads up. I hope I would look back at all these, smile, and say, “Yes! I did it”, without regrets or reproach. I hope to have become a better me and better writer. I am still learning and open to everyone’s teaching. Thanks.