A brief overview of the spring 2020 semester courses.

  • Statistics with probability; a mathematics course that is specifically drawn to the notion that ‘correlation does not imply causation’. It has to do with more data and surveys.
  • Creative writing; an interesting creative expression pathway course that helps improve and arouse the creative potentials in students.
  • Genetics; In simple term, it is a vital course for medical practice that helps know what makes each individual unique, what causes chromosomal disorders and our gene placements.
  • Sociology; a broad course that evolves around getting to know more about our societies, its values, norm, theories and many more.
  • General chemistry; an essential science course that creates awareness on the use of chemicals, the advantages and disadvantages and chemical reactions.
  • Java computer programming; a java program that gives insight on the usefulness of programming and programmers. It compiles program and modifies the result. It is also a vital course for students majoring in Bioinformatics.