It was 6:30 am. I and my kid brother, Sammy, were both prepared for the day’s school activity. Aunt Nadia tried to coax Sammy and I to eat breakfast or drink at least a cup of hot chocolate before the school bus arrive. It was a rainy Wednesday in the month of June. Kids had rainy coats on, passersby tried to avoid rain splashes from speedy vehicles. I could remember how happy I felt when I got to school. It was an Open Day like we call it in Africa but usually known as Parents and Teachers Conference in most countries. I could remember seeing some students with happy faces, some with exciting looks, some wearing grumpy expressions, some student’s expressions were just hard to read (having neither happy or unhappy looks).

“Hi Madison.” I said to one of my classmates. “Hope you are prepared to get your books checked?”

“Lola, you know am not. Big brother Maxi is coming today instead of my parents and he would definitely yell at me for getting a low grade in my spelling bee class, Madison explained.”

“Oh. Well, as you know, dad is currently out of the country and I don’t think mum is coming neither, there is an explainable emergency so she would be dropping by later in the week.” I continued. “You should go back inside classroom to arrange your books on your desk before Uncle Maxi gets here.”

“Thanks Lola.” Madison said.

“Always.” I replied.

It was time for parents to come in. Every student sat quietly in their appropriate classrooms getting ready to be called out when respective parents arrives. I could see Madison expression wishing her brother never comes in today. I felt so free-minded because I wasn’t expecting to see anyone. Although, I was wishing aunt Nadia could at least surprise me by coming over to school so I could also get called out of the classroom like every other student. Suddenly, Ms. Marie my homeroom teacher came into the class to call my name, smiling at me. I stood up with excitement thinking my aunt arrived but to my surprise, all I heard was Lola, your dad is here. I laughed back thinking she was joking as usual but it was him. Dad!

“Is it my birthday today?” I thought to myself. “Or Sammy’s birthday? Dad is here? Unbelievable.”

This was more than a surprise to me. I felt so happy and shocked at the same time. I spoke with him last night. Dad didn’t mention he was coming over. I couldn’t wait to call Sammy from his classroom who appears to be happier than I was. Dad’s unexpected surprise made my day. Interestingly, while checking our books and grades, Dad asked the school proprietress if we could all leave the school for the day. I waved at Madison hoping she would cheer up and relax. Who knows, she might also get a surprise or Uncle Maxi wouldn’t get so angry like she thought. The whole day was spent having nice time with my family. Mum joined us later in the day. She was as surprised as we were. This event continuously gets mentioned every time we are all together. A day I cannot forget!