Formal Report


Our group which consists of Peta-Gay Simmonds and Kester Fredericks, was responsible for creating a proposal, along with providing a script and PowerPoint presentation, and creating a website based on one of our class assignments. In that particular assignment, we had to create and develop a 1500–2000-word formal product or service proposal. We decided that Peta-Gay’s proposal on “On-Call Litigation Support Services” would be the best fit for the assignment.

Stage One

This final assignment was broken into three stages, which took about three weeks to complete. In stage one, we were tasked with creating a script and PowerPoint to correspond with an oral presentation based on the service we chose. For this step, we had to make sure we were on the same page and assign different days in which we would meet and discuss our progress. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we made contact virtually via group discussions on CUNY Black Board, emails, phone calls and text messages. In this stage, Peta-Gay was solely responsible for creating the script. Due to the fact that our presentation was based on her work, we found it best that she should be the one to create the script for the proposal. While this was being created, Kester Fredericks was in charge of the creation of the Power Point Presentation, and the creation of the video proposal. Because the presentation was mostly based off the script, before the oral presentation and PowerPoints were finalized, the final draft of the script had to be created.

Stage Two

Stage two dealt with the creation of the website. For this stage, Kester Fredericks used WordPress to create the website. The website included information about the company, market forces, and the entire proposal (PowerPoint and Oral Presentation). This task took about one week to complete. As a group, we held conversations via phone call and text message. In these conversations, website design and content were discussed. Peta-Gay was responsible for details about the company specialty areas. One reason why we believe this project was a success and filled with so many details is because Peta-Gay is in this particular field. Her input and outside information provided was very important.

Stage 3

For the final stage, a formal report had to be created and uploaded onto blackboard. As you can see, a report was also implemented into the website.

Means of Communication

As previously mentioned, our meetings were held virtually. Phone calls were the main form of communication. These calls were held twice a week on the days we had class, however, whenever we ran into trouble or needed clarification on anything, we wouldn’t hesitate to set up an appropriate time to call and get everything situated.