Obed Ledezma


Marianna Trofimova

Art History 3311


Today in class I learned about the industrial revolution. TheĀ Industrial RevolutionĀ was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to 1840. This transition included going fromĀ hand production methodsĀ toĀ machines. I also got to learn how that specific time period changed and influence the arts. The Victorian Era was the era, which came at the finish of the Industrial Revolution and led to other major and new ranges of arts. One of them was Baroque style of design. Baroque style of design is very grandiose type of design filled with many details. Lithography, Chromatography and periodicals started due to this revolution. The Industrial revolution was also when photography began.

The industrial revolution arose from the urban colonies and this brought many awful living conditions for the people living in those cities.The sanitary conditions were terrible and so were the working conditions for the workers in the factories. Previously, before the industrial revolution there was the agricultural revolution. The agricultural revolution brought and tended to farms. This was a huge peak for farmers and farming. This brought machines like steam based engines that were used to tend to farms for a much easier way of doing work. That all ended when farming began to bring in very little money so the farmers had no choice but to move into the cities and into bad living conditions and also dangerous factory work. Factories at theĀ time were very dangerous and had the workers working very long work hours. The outcome of this was the flourishing of all the art that came out of this where a lot of people looked to amuse themselves. Ā This was a time of invention and new possibilities for people.

During the Victorian era this was the era where the queen was in reign from 1837 to 1901. The citizens loved their queen. The name of the era derived from the queen of the time, which was Queen Victoria and because she was so big and projecting the time was named after her. The art of this age was very modest and simple. Making it easy and not hard to understand the themes that were within their messages. Having to produce these art pieces by the masses gave factories and workers work to do. This when Baroque styles of design were introduced into the world. This design style is a very flashy, materialistic and lavish which exuded the lifestyle in which the person surround himself or herself. The extravagant items and ceiling dƩcors ranged with details of paintings and gold. They glorified these items with all of their beings.

Lithography is an art form of mass production in which a drawing in stone in transferred to paper with a large amount of accuracy that is legible and understandable. Then cartography came in and was used to infuse color into the drawings and make the drawings more visually and aesthetically appealing to the eyes of the people. This led straight into periodicals. Periodicals are in short term basically magazinesā€™ but magazines that have color that was very new at the time. These art forms all coming from one era of art influenced and brought so much variation and origination in the field of the arts. These innovations were the reason for the start of consumerism.

This was the start and part of the outcome of the world that we live in today. People got more involved within the city in terms of making it grow and doing something innovative. They went from simple to pompous with their visual designs and use of pictures and color. Even with the causal problem that the industrial revolution brought with overpopulation and terrible living conditions the factories made it easier to create by the mass to be able to give out into the public and make a bigger profit. Thanks to a lot of the new innovative arts and designs that flourished throughout this period people were more amused and happy although their lives werenā€™t that great. The industrial revolution was and still is a stampede in time in terms of art, innovation and design it has definitely left its mark within history.