Biology OERs

Textbooks, Simulations, and courses

First, search each of these resources for relevant materials:

  1. Biology Textbooks in the Open Textbook Library, University of Minnesota
  2. BioFundamentals from University of Colorado
  3. Engineering resources from MIT OpenCourseWare
  4. Biology – Libretexts

Individual materials:

  1. Principles of Biology – Lab Manual 
  2. Biology OER Textbook by Jeremy Seto, CityTech
  3. BioInteractive
  4. Biology resources from Khan Academy
  5. Encyclopedia of Life on Earth (Smithsonian)
  6. PhET Interactive – University of Colorado Boulder

Finding OERs

Browse OER repositories:

  1. OER Commons
  3. WISC-ONLINE- Biology

We also recommend  scanning the Library’s OER Resource Guide for a broad list of resources.


1. What are your impressions of the three introductory resources you looked at? Share your observations about their level of content coverage.
 2. Use any of the resources above to locate an OER material that would be useful to incorporate into the curriculum for any of the courses you teach. Describe the material and why you chose it. (Note: feel free to select any type of learning material; don’t limit your options to textbooks only).

Submit both responses on this form.