OERs by City Tech Faculty

African American Studies

Africana Folklore AFR 1101 Prof. Evangelista
The Heritage of Imperialism AFR 1402 Prof. Evangelista
Seminar in Current Community Problems AFR 1501 Prof. Bennett


Introduction to Architecture ARCH 1101 Prof. Duddy

Biological Sciences

Human Biology (Lecture & Lab combo) BIO 1100 Prof. Voza et al.
Biology I BIO 1101 Prof. Seto
Biology I Lab BIO 1101 Lab Prof. Seto
Biology II BIO 1201 Prof. Voza
Biology II Lab BIO 1201 Lab Prof. Voza
Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture BIO 2311 Prof. Juranek & Priftakis
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab BIO 2311 Lab Prof. Sodeinde
Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab BIO 2312 Lab Prof. Alcendor
Genetics Lab BIO 2450 Prof. Blair
Bioinformatics II Lab BIO 3352 Prof. Giannopoulou
Biochemistry Lab BIO 3601 Prof. Zahran
Molecular and Cell Biology Lecture BIO 3620 Prof. Seto


Principles of Accounting I ACC 1101 Prof. Raskin
E-Commerce and Global Marketing BUF 3400 Prof. Jackson

Career & Technology Teacher Education

Computers in Education EDU 3640 Prof. Teo


Principles of Chemistry Lab CHEM 1000 Lab Prof. Radivojevic Jovanovic
General Chemistry I Lab CHEM 1110 Lab Prof. Tewani
General Chemistry II Lab CHEM 1210 Lab Prof. Radivojevic Jovanovic

Computer Engineering Technology

Electromechanical Manufacturing Lab Support Material EMT 1130 Lab Prof. Ferdousy
Electrical Circuits Lab Support Material EMT 1150, 1250, 1255 Labs Prof. Kwon
Operating Systems Lab EMT 2390 Lab Prof. Reyes Alamo
Internet of Things CET 4925 Prof. Li

Communication Design

Photography I COMD 1340 Prof. Michals
Typographic Design COMD 2427 Prof. De Santis
Communication Design Theory COMD 3504 Prof. Spevack

Computer Systems Technology

Computer Programming and Problem Solving CST 1101 Prof. Filatova
Database Administration CST 4714 Prof. Satyanarayana

Construction Management

Construction Management II CMCE 2321 Prof. Sowder


Introduction to Literature I Fiction ENG 2001 Prof. Birchett
Studies in Identity and Orientation ENG 2180 Prof. Westengard
Professional Editing and Revising ENG 2730 Prof. Ferdinand

Entertainment Technology

Health and Safety in Production ENT 1102 Prof. Brandt
Electricity for Live Entertainment ENT 1201 Prof. Valderrama
Sound for Multimedia ENT 3390 Prof. Kim
Upcoming – Live Event Management ENT 4440 Prof. Brandt
Physical Computing Skills Lab MTEC 1005 Prof. Berkoy

Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications Technologies

Techniques of Electrical Technology EET 1102 Prof. Smith
Analog and Digital Telephony TCET 2102 Prof. Marantz
Satellite Transmission TCET 3222 Prof. Razani
Telecommunications Capstone Project I TCET 4182 Prof. Hossain

Health Services Administration

Health Services Management II HSA 3602 Prof. Gregory
Health Research Methods HSA 4740 Prof. Rodriguez

Human Services

Child Welfare and Family Services HUS 3605 Prof. Fernandes

Hospitality Management

Professional Alliances HMGT 2308 Prof. Dias
Hospitality Workforce Management in a Global Marketplace HMGT 3501 Prof. Hipple
Hospitality Management Research Seminar HMGT 3502 Prof. Phillip
Hospitality Management Legal Environment HMGT 3601 Prof. Akana
Hospitality Services Marketing and Management HMGT 4702 Prof. Kim
Upcoming – Sustainable Tourism HMGT 4983 Prof. Phillip
Culinary Tourism HMGT 4989 Prof. Krondl


History of Graphic Design ARTH 3311 Prof. Hagood
Public Speaking COM 1330 Prof. Lee
Business and Professional Communication COM 3401 Prof. Lee
Spanish for Heritage Speakers SPA 2201 HS Prof. Sanchez Jimenez
History of the Theater: Stages and Technology THE 2280 ID Prof. Swift


Research and Documentation in the Information Age LIB 1201 Prof. Timolat


Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry MAT 1275 various
Calculus II MAT 2675 Prof. Koca

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Simulation and Visualization MECH 3550 Prof. Swanson


Physical Assessment NUR 3010 Prof. Okumakpeyi
Leadership in the Management of Client Care NUR 3110 Prof. Paradiso
Nursing Case Management: Process and Role NUR 4030 Prof. Thomas
End-Of-Life NUR 4050 Prof. Bradley


General Physics I: Algebra Based PHYS 1433 Prof. Krym
General Physics I: Calculus Based PHYS 1441 Prof. Maller
Electricity and Magnetism PHYS 3200 Prof. Ferroglia

Social Science

Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 1101 Prof. Pope Fischer
Macroeconomics ECON 1101 Prof. MacDonald
Environmental Economics ECON 2505 ID Prof. MacDonald
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 1401 Prof. Lead et al.
Origins of Western Civilization HIS 1101 Prof. Boyle
The Modern World Since 1900 HIS 1103 Prof. Boyle
US History to 1865 HIS 1110 Prof. Catapano
US History Since 1865 HIS 1111 Prof. McMillen
Health Care Ethics PHIL 2303 Prof. MacDougal
Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics PHIL 2303 ID Prof. MacDougal
Introduction to Psychology PSY 1101 Prof. Pagano et al.
Child Psychology PSY 2301 Prof. Pagano
Health Psychology PSY 3405 Prof. Almond
Interdisciplinary Health Psychology PSY 3405 ID Prof. Almond
Research Methods for the Social and Behavioral Sciences SBS 2000 ID Prof. Tokke
Elements of Sociology SOC 1101