Working Session – 3/29

  • OER Creation Checklist
  • Review documentation for what we covered in the last session
  • How to disable comments on your pages / posts:
    • Go to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion Settings > Uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles”
    • To retroactively disable comments on a page or post level go to a Post > click “Screen option” at the very top right hand corner. A drop-down will appear. Click comments or discussion. This will make a pop-up appear at the bottom of the screen. Uncheck “Allow comments.”



Seminar 2 Agenda & Notes

Goals for Seminar 2:

  • Review Copyright & Fair Use Module
    • What is Fair Use?
    • Best Practices
  • Review the materials you selected
    • What’s their licensing / permissions?
    • Debrief
  • Learning how to attribute the materials you select
  • Check in one-on-one about finding materials for you course

For Reference:

  • Printable version of the Fair Use Checklist
  • Digital and printable version of the “Do I need to Get Permission?” handout
  • Sample OER site licensing language: “Unless otherwise noted, this site is licensed….xyz” … this type of wording is helpful in establishing that the site license may be distinct from the licensing of the materials you post on your site

Picture of Seminar activity

Picture of Seminar activity

Picture of seminar activity

Seminar 1 Feb. 8th

Goals for today:

  • Introduce ourselves
  • Understand “OER,” the term. What makes OER distinct from free educational materials?
    • Introduce copyright and Creative Commons licenses
    • Introduce some (confusing) semantics
      • “Open licenses” 
  • Review the learning materials you can assign with your OER
  • What makes your site an OER?
  • OER Critique activity