Olivia, a Latina from one of the smallest countries in Central America, El Salvador. Olivia is currently enrolled at New York City College of Technology City University of New York and will be graduating in Spring 2020 with a Baccalaureate in the Business and Technology of Fashion.

Olivia is a very outgoing, hard working, determined, philanthropic, and creative individual.  She has a passion for helping others financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. Aside from loving to help others she also loves fashion, writing, marketing, psychology and cooking. The fashion industry is a very broad industry meaning it’s not just about the collections we see models wearing on the runway or trends, but about all the hard work that goes into making all the events, designs and business strategies happen. For Olivia, it’s not the clothes that inspire her but instead it’s the behind the scenes of every production.

At 16 years old, Olivia got herself what became her first “diary” where she would share all the thoughts, experiences and emotions that she had and endured about society, friends, family, especially about her progress in life. Writing for Olivia is a stress reliever, it also means she can write without having a filter but most importantly it helps improve the way she writes papers for school, emails for all occasions and press releases for clients. As for marketing, the idea of studying and managing brands and/or industries is very fascinating. Being a people person and having a good amount of sales experience gives Olivia an advantage for the future as a marketer. Lastly, Olivia recently learned something new about her which is cooking and has become her go to hobby for stay active during quarantine. She enjoys cooking because it allows her to recreate recipes that others have taught her and is able to create her own from scratch.