Revisions of the Final Draft of Visual Quote Project

These are my revisions for my visual Quote Project. My quote is basically about happiness. The first drafts that I did was sketches which later made me feel like I wanted to change it. For these revisions I have used Adobe Illustrator.

Quote Concept 1(Final)This is my first concept. I made a happy face and typeset the quote to the right using Myriad Pro. I used arcs to make the eyes and smiley face. I used Futura for the typeset in this concept because I felt like that could be a better typeface for this concept than using Arial Regular. I chose green because I consider green as a   happy color and it is my favorite color.  Quote Concept 1(Final)

Quote Concept 2

This is my second concept. My goal for this concept was to use rectangles to make a happy face.I used happy colors for the boxes. I used Myriad Pro because if I had used any other typeset for this concept, clients wouldn’t have like that idea. I typeset some words in a larger point size because I tried to fit the words inside the box and I didn’t want the words to outside of the box.

Quote Concept 2

Quote Concept 3

This is my third concept. The only difference between this concept and my previous one is that there are no rectangles. I also changed the color of the text. I used different typefaces for some words because I wanted to use different typefaces just to make this concept more creative. There are words that are suppose to be together such as “Something” but instead I made it into “Some Thing” so I can make the words into an smiley face. I didn’t used any tracking                                                                                  or kerning to fit into a smile.

Quote Concept 3

Quote Concept 4

This is my final concept. I searched up an image on google about happiness but I wanted it to do something different than the first three concepts by using an image that doesn’t show a face or a smile. I used Myriad Pro for the typeset in the concept because it is the only good typeset that I can use for this concept. I chose red because seeing the red, purple, or a little yellow sky made me feel like red can be a good color for the text. I put the text under the sky and above and side of the people(black color) so people can read it.

Quote Concept 4

Final Draft of Visual Quote Project

These are my revisions for my visual Quote Project. My quote is basically about happiness. The first drafts that I did was sketches which later made me feel like I wanted to change it. For these revisions I have used Adobe Illustrator.

Quote Concept 1(Final)



This is my first one. I had made a happy face and added the quote to the side. The quote font is in Myriad Pro. I did use arcs to made the eyes and smile face.

Quote Concept 2

This is my second one. My goal for this one was to use rectangles to make a happy face. I had used happy colors for the boxes. The text is inside the boxes. The font is Futura. Some part of the text is more bigger than every other part of the text.


Quote Concept 3This is my third one. The only difference between this one and my previous one is that this one has no boxes. I change the color of the text. I did used different fonts for some words. Some words are looking separate when they are together because I tried to make all words that are together look like a smiley face.

Cooper Hewitt Design

About the Museum:

“Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum is the only museum in the nation devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design. Cooper Hewitt educates, inspires, and empowers people through design by presenting exhibitions and educational programs and maintaining active publications. Amy, Eleanor, and Sarah Hewitt—granddaughters of industrialist Peter Cooper—as part of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, founded the Museum in 1897. A branch of the Smithsonian since 1967, Cooper Hewitt is housed in the landmark Andrew Carnegie Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It is the mission of Cooper Hewitt’s staff and Board of Trustees to advance the public understanding of design across the thirty centuries of human creativity represented by the Museum’s collection.”

For more information about Cooper Hewitt Visit

My Trip:


                        I was feeling happy because I had the opportunity to visit the Cooper Hewitt Museum so I can learn more about the design field. Based on the things I had seen at the exhibit was pretty amazing. After entering the exhibit, the museum employees offered me a pen where I can create my own designs on their display screens and save any work from the exhibit so I can view them online using the code on my ticket to claim my visit. I like the way the Museum looks especially the garden outside the museum. It’s like as if spring season was here. The garden outside around the museum looks so beautiful and it feels like as if it’s a perfect place to have a picnic. There is large “Cooper Hewitt” text logo that sits on the gates and actually reflects the suns light brightly and makes it presence prominent. The interior of the Cooper Hewitt Museum is like as if a dark wood was there.





The first type of work that I saw at the exhibit was Woody from Toy Story even though the name of the work is called “Concept Art, Woody, Toy Story, 1995.” It was made in 1995 and it is a concept art, which was created by Bud Luckey and Ralph Eggleston. It is an original work from Pixar Animation Studios. In my opinion, it looks like it was sketch out a little bit and then used Illustrator or Photoshop to do this type of work. The Medium of the work is mixed media on paper. Toy Story was one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies since I was a little child. Pixar’s design process often requires many iterations of its characters to arrive at a final design. For Toy Story, once Woody’s overall appearance was settled on, Pixar artists continued to adjust details like the color and pattern of his shirt and scarf. Throughout these changes, his big eyes and slight grin maintained his appeal.


The second type of work that I was able to see at the museum was the interior of a cafeteria even though the name of the work was “Drawing, Cafeteria Interior With Seating, CA.1950s-60s.” This work was made in the 1950s-1960s even though the museum bought it in 1988. This work is a drawing, which we know as obvious by looking at the picture. The work was from the office of Donald Deskey Associates and was drafted by Earl E. Hoyt Jr. The Medium of the work below is brown, black magic marker; green, blue green pastel; white gouache; black crayon; graphite support: white heavy paper. It is part of the Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design department.CDMG 6

I would like to mention one of the works that capture my attention very much. The name of the work below is called “Rendering, Montpellier Apartment (L’Arbre Blanc), 2014.” It was made in 2014 and designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. The work below is a rendering, which is a work of visual art, especially a detailed architectural drawing. The medium of the work is digital print. The building resembles an alien tree plucked from a work of science fiction. I like the fact that it used architectural forms especially the building.


I’m glad I had an amazing experience in the museum especially for my digital media foundations class trip. I have a feeling that I have learned more about the design field. I’m very happy to travel to museums like the Cooper Hewitt, which one-day I will go back again if I like. I am thankful for choosing the right major that’s right for me even though I was upset because I had a class after we was done with the trip but it was worth it.



Design in Promotional or Editorial Materials

Editorial-Design_Spread_6I think this image uses color to communicate effectively because it gives information about this object or item but it does uses either CMYK. For the Letters in the words “Born Again Barcelona,” I think the type is Sans Serif. It does have some warm colors because it looks like it could be either Cyan and Magenta or Magenta and Key. The picture that shows a man with different colors on his face and the picture says eye uses either CMYK or RGB. When I saw the happy face on the picture that says eye, I was thinking about happiness.