Hey all! How is it going? Sorry for the short break. But let’s get back into it. Please feel free to share this club. Help us grow. As you can see we are still in out infancy. So new members are more than welcome. In the meantime share anything you want. Running routes? Best running apps. Your personal runs. All are welcome. I’ll keep in touch very soon as I help this club grow.

Ps. If you’re interested in helping more and joining the club as a lead member please email me @ faroukfares4@gmail.com. 



8 thoughts on “HEY ALL!”

  1. Hi Farouk and All!
    I used to run a great deal–though I was definitely a slow poke. I swam competitively for years and was pretty decent, but running I just did for enjoyment and health. Ultimately trained for and ran 5 half marathons: I ran the NYC Half, which was fun because it started in Central Park, then went through Times Square and down the West Side Highway; the Bronx Half (Lehman College, CUNY was right there!), and the Manhattan Half (twice) in Central Park. There is such an elation to watching the mile markers tick up.

    My aim is to get back into distance running. I’d love to hear from others about great routes you have, especially if they are quiet and relatively car-free!

    1. Hey DR. Chamberlin its a great honor having you on board. its greater to hear about your running journey. I hope yore comment inspires others to share their stories aswell! And hopefuly soon the club will organzie its first group run!

  2. Everyone,

    I received a place in the upcoming 2021 NYC Marathon (Nov 7)
    Starting my training this week. Will run 4 times a week, starting 3/4/3/6miles then building from there. Happy to meet up any time over the summer to run together. I am based on Upper East Side, but can run anywhere in Manhattan, and possibly Brooklyn on occasions.

    Love to do my long runs along the Manhattan waterfront in the early morning.

    Happy running!


    1. That’s amazing congratulations! It’s truly amazing. Good luck on your training. And placing a group run soon sounds really interesting. I might take you up on that offer. We should set up a poll to see which date works best for everyone that’s interested.


  3. Hi Farouk and all,
    I had an idea today. I know many of us are far-flung right now, but I wonder if we could try to coordinate running a race sometime in the fall or spring next year, perhaps in Central Park? We wouldn’t have to run as a group or anything but we could represent the college :). We could get City Tech running tshirts made up and perhaps even try to do a fundraiser for student emergency funding or something. Again I am slow ans just getting back into things but it would be fun to do something as a team.

    What do you think? Nothing specific yet, just a thought…

    1. That’s a great idea. We can definitely try and do something like that. Especially working with an organization or a cause. Id you know any groups that would love to collaborate I’d start there. As for the group run I’ll go around and make posters to introduce new members.

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