Rats Mob The Upper East Side

I found this articule from the Wall Street Journal (2010). It has a map of the whole NYC with rat information on it. It seems that there most be more data around there. We have to find what is know nowadays.

Rats Mob The Upper East Side



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  1. Even though this article was written in 3 years ago, it is very interesting and an eye opener for me. I think we can develop a diffusion/dispersion model of rats in Manhattan or entire NYC that can be appreciated from residents, exterminators, commercial people and NYC Department of Sanitation!

  2. Prof. Seto says:

    I spoke to Corrigan before. Been trying to get a hold of him. He’s the rodentologist at the health department mentioned in the article. A former graduate student used to work for him. They were doing an analysis on didn’t calls. People learned that 311 calls about rats were higher priority than mouse. Also, many people don’t know the difference.

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