My nursing philosophy and my personal philosophy relate to each other. It includes “Treat everyone with respect, do not discriminate anyone based on the color, sex, age, beliefs, and background. Treat everyone equally.” I also believe in the art of caring and believe in continuing the knowledge and lifelong learning. Nurses now a day is not only taking care of the patient at the bedside but also advocating them and their families. To advocate for the patients and the families, we nurses have o keep up to date with evidence-based practice. Nurses are a vital part of the society. We are the ones, who provide direct care to patients. All the other health-care professions spend little time with the patient, but nurses are there all the time to provide care and support them and take care of the patient with one common interest.

Nursing is not an easy profession. Nursing is a commitment, compassion, confidence, and dedication. Nurses go above and beyond the expectations to take care of the patient. To be a nurse, one should be caring, have confidence in what they do, be detailed oriented, truthful, have the drive for lifelong learning and excellent communication skills.