Title: A Few Things About Aiesha
Director: Natalie Soto
Actor 1: Aiesha Bennett
Locations: Elmhurst, Brooklyn and Chinatown.

SCENE 1: Place of Birth
Location: Elmhurst
The camera pans over Elmhurst, a small bustling community, in the daytime within Queens.

SCENE 2: Current Residence
Location: Brooklyn
Then it transitions over to Brooklyn, where Aiesha currently lives in the present day.

SCENE 3: Where Aiesha Goes To Have Fun
Location: Chinatown
Footage of Aiesha’s likes appear on the screen such as listening to music, shopping from home or in person and going to Chinatown to drink bubble tea with her friends.

SCENE 4: What Aiesha dislikes
The screen fades to white and different segments of animation of Aiesha’s dislikes appear such as different kinds of bugs, the cold winter season and the clothing material, corduroy.

SCENE 5: What Aiesha likes
Footage of Aiesha’s favorite horror/thriller movies appear on the screen followed by the numerous mood boards she single handedly created on Pinterest.

The End.