Imagine the screen fades from black to an overview of Aiesha Bennett’s birthplace, Elmhurst, a small community within Queens.The camera shifts or transitions over to Brooklyn where Aiesha currently lives in the present day. While this is happening there is a voiceover introducing Aiesha to the audience and narrating throughout the video. From Brooklyn the camera shifts over to the various activities Aiesha enjoys doing such as listening to music, shopping online or in person and going to Chinatown to drink bubble tea with her friends. Then the screen turns blank and suddenly images or sketches of Aiesha’s dislikes pop up such as bugs/insects and the winter season. It finally concludes with footage of Aiesha’s favorite pastimes such as watching horror or thriller movies with her father and creating different mood boards on Pinterest. The screen fades to black and the credits roll while a song plays in the background.