After watching Michael Wiehart’s interview; I was able to learn so much more about the kind of person he is. Wiehart graduated as a graphic designer from an art school in Switzerland and has come a long way from the very beginning. Rather than just stick to one hobby Wiehart explored other subjects such as animating, editing and both 2D and 3D animation. There wasn’t a film school in Switzerland therefore he taught himself how to make and work with cell animation and even built himself his own computer from scratch. He’s resourceful and was able to work with what he could. Wiehart mostly does advertising, branded content and anything that moves or that piques his interest. When working on a certain project he uses a specific program that works well and easily for him. For example if he wanted to create 3D animation he would use a 3D software called Cinema 4D. If he wanted to create certain effects and add or use motion graphics, editing and compositing he would use Adobe Premiere Pro. Wiehart uses many of Adobe’s products or rents them rather than purchase them all together. Wiehart believes and encourages every single person to do and work on side projects with friends. Despite wanting to learn as much as he could it was kind of hard because around that time his resources were very limited. Nevertheless he managed to overcome it and teach himself everything he needs to know and by doing so was able to create all sorts of impressive pieces that can be found on his website. Wiehart himself has struggled but has not given up and continues to keep going at it.