After watching the documentary of Banksy, the anonymous street artist, I found it interesting in seeing the kind of life he lives and how he has done so these past few years. This is not the first time I’ve heard of him but the documentary put it all in perspective. I also find it impressive over the fact that to this very day no one knows who or what Banksy really looks like. His art has become more prominent over the years and in it itself it is quite a spectacle. His art is like no other and most of his projects themselves; the way they were exhibited; are all very clever. Banksy has created dozens of pieces that by many were deemed controversial. Through his art he was able to bring attention to certain topics that criticized a public figure or subject as well. Banksy’s artworks are admired and loved by many for numerous reasons. Whether they just like the kind of person Banksy may be, or in the way he presents himself to the public or simply because of his style. It’s safe to say that Banksy is not some greedy old man who only does it for the money and fame but rather the opposite; his anonymity works in his favor as well. His works of art have touched many and gained recognition all throughout Europe and because of this that is why I believe he is a true artist.