After hearing the interview with Michael Wiehart, Director of Visual Comforts, it’s interesting to hear how he had to build his software knowledge from a time when there were no computers, which feels incredibly hard in our perspective where computers are a huge help in a lot of things. While my skills in 3D art aren’t strong, I was still very interested in hearing his progress and how time-consuming and dedicated it must have taken him to get his work done that way. The 3D design takes a lot of skill and patience in order to make it, it’s easy for others to gloss over the appearance and not realize just how long the progress can be, especially back then. At least at our current time, we have discovered new ways with computers in making 3d art easier, but back then was so much different, you can’t help but hold a new admiration over works like Michael’s when seeing it with this new knowledge in mind.