Anyone from the art community knows of Banksy, the impact of his work is undeniably huge. Despite the messages of his art spread around, it tends to go over the head of those he was even targeting in his work, creating an opposite effect with them trying to profit off his work in museums. Though in the documentary it’s interesting how the main focus was meant to be on Banksy, we got to learn a lot about Thierry and his backstory and why he films, seeing their stories and how they ended up meeting enough it made Banksy want to make a film about him. Captivating and bewildering when it comes to Banksy’s interactions with him it’s like he’s Captivating and bewildering to learn about him. Terry got too deep into his subject, that is street art, that he ended up turning into the subject. While Thierry did end up losing that attachment that made street art special once he opened up an art gallery to profit from his work, he still went out there and continued to do what he was passionate about and met a lot of other amazing people along the way.