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Exit Through the Gift Shop – Documentary discussion

Anyone from the art community knows of Banksy, the impact of his work is undeniably huge. Despite the messages of his art spread around, it tends to go over the head of those he was even targeting in his work, creating an opposite effect with them trying to profit off his work in museums. Though in the documentary it’s interesting how the main focus was meant to be on Banksy, we got to learn a lot about Thierry and his backstory and why he films, seeing their stories and how they ended up meeting enough it made Banksy want to make a film about him. Captivating and bewildering when it comes to Banksy’s interactions with him it’s like he’s Captivating and bewildering to learn about him. Terry got too deep into his subject, that is street art, that he ended up turning into the subject. While Thierry did end up losing that attachment that made street art special once he opened up an art gallery to profit from his work, he still went out there and continued to do what he was passionate about and met a lot of other amazing people along the way.

Michael Wiehart interview- Discussion

After hearing the interview with Michael Wiehart, Director of Visual Comforts, it’s interesting to hear how he had to build his software knowledge from a time when there were no computers, which feels incredibly hard in our perspective where computers are a huge help in a lot of things. While my skills in 3D art aren’t strong, I was still very interested in hearing his progress and how time-consuming and dedicated it must have taken him to get his work done that way. The 3D design takes a lot of skill and patience in order to make it, it’s easy for others to gloss over the appearance and not realize just how long the progress can be, especially back then. At least at our current time, we have discovered new ways with computers in making 3d art easier, but back then was so much different, you can’t help but hold a new admiration over works like Michael’s when seeing it with this new knowledge in mind.

Brand Identity- Airbnb

Brand name


Brand purpose

To create a world where anyone can belong anywhere and we are focused on creating an end-to-end travel platform that will handle every part of your trip.

Creation date

August 2008, San Francisco, CA

Company owners

Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk

Logo and Identity Designer(s)

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia in 2008, DesignStudio


The brand I chose is Airbnb which is a company that provides private lodging rentals through its website. The concept was created in 2008 by Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia which later escalated to making it real with the help of Nathan Blecharczyk. Their impact in our current time is big and seems like it’ll remain for a long time as the company keeps on growing. Their recent logo was changed and designed by DesignStudio, which is of a symbol called the “Bélo”, as they thought would become easily recognized internationally.


Airbnb Purpose

History of Airbnb

Airbnb logo by DesignStudio

Airbnb logo change

Video Project: Pitch

Partner picked: Hayden

Information that stuck out:

-Came to America on 2014

-Learning English was a challenge

-Likes going to Chinatown cause it’s familiar to him, gives him nostalgia

-Likes hot pot


What stuck to me when I interviewed Hayden was learning of him trying to get used to living in America but still finding comfort in some things familiar to him, It’s something that I can relate with that along with some of my own family members. So what I want to focus in the video is him getting used to learning English, as learning a new language is tough already, but daydreams to things that bring comfort. Using food as one of the comforts for this video because food can also vary and add identity to someone too.