Questions of Interview

Questions of the Interview:

Why did you move to USA? Why New York?

How long have you been living in New York?

How were your first few months living here?

How has it been like living in New York so far?

What were your fears of living in a new country ? What were your expectations about New York and living there?

How’s it like for you to learn a new language and talk to native citizens?

What do you love and hate the most about New York and USA?

How is it for you to speak in English to the native speakers? Do you miss speaking in French?

What is the difference like living in France compare to America?

How do you adjust your lifestyle from back home to here?

Would it be difficult for you if you want to go back to living in France when you live here for a long time?

Do you think it’s the right decision for you to live in USA?

What’s do you miss the most back home?

How’s it like not seeing your family and friends for a long time?

Do you think that it’s the family relationship is different compare in USA and France?

What were the benefits for you of living in a new New York after you left France?

In your experience, what advice would you like give to other people to adjust living in a new country?

Do you recommend people living in a new foreign country like USA? Why?

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