Nargiza is a 21-year-old student at New York City College of Technology majoring in Business & Technology of Fashion. She’s currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree and planning to graduate by the end of this year. She is interested in fashion design and is involved in the business. She is now a designer and creates her own clothing line, and in the future, she will make it a major clothing business. She always makes sure that her work is completed on time. She has plans and dreams that she wants to make true. Therefore she tries her best so that she fulfills her plans. Due to her unique background as a Muslim, she has a different perspective when it comes to fashion design. Muslim clothing is designed to require women to cover up all parts of their bodies. Therefore her inspiration for fashion, style, and creating clothes came from her religion (Islam) and culture. Her designs are meant to reflect her culture and values and to introduce them to the modern world.