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Join the LAF Team!


Want to meet some cool people and contribute to an exciting night? Want to show some City Tech pride? Then join the Literary Arts Festival student team!

Come to the first meeting to get the LAF ball rolling!

Thursday, October 30th @ 1pm in NAMM 522

In making this year’s festival the best one yet—with great attendance, extraordinary participation, and heart-stopping performances— we need to plan early. At our meeting next week, we’ll set some goals, give you posters to hang around campus, and discuss other strategies to publicize the event (including a movie trailer).

Looking forward to seeing returning students as well as new members!

Caroline Hellman and Rob Ostrom
Caroline Hellman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
City Tech, CUNY
Namm Hall 503
300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

718. 260.4975


Don’t forget to bring one source tomorrow! This can be something from the internet–an article perhaps– or the library. Do not  bring in a Wikipedia entry! We’re going to use your sources to practice MLA format.


Definition Essay Assignment

Write an essay defining something that is quintessentially “Brooklyn.”

  • Decide if your purpose is to entertain, inform, persuade, and/or explain.
  • Explore this word’s meanings by incorporating a variety of definition strategies such as denotation, connotation, anecdote, class, category, synonyms, and negation.
  • Incorporate narration and description in your argument.
  • If you include any information that is not common knowledge, you must cite and document in MLA format.
  • This essay should be 800 words (double spaced, ten to twelve font, one inch margins).
  • Proofread carefully and repeatedly.
  • Be prepared to share your piece with the class.



Midterm Tomorrow!

1. Be prepared to summarize the article or essay that you’ll receive at the beginning of class. How can you be prepared? Know what should and shouldn’t be included in a strong summary. Bring your dictionaries!

2. Bring your completed summary journals!


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