Now You See Me 2 , a series that was once directed by Louis Leterrier but directed by Jon M. Chu for the second film is about four magicians who are called the four horsemen that became well known for successfully robbing a bank and not getting caught. In order for the to not get caught they had to stay out of the public eye.  Not until  they were all spotted at a public event fans of the four horsemen thought they were dead because of how good they were at hiding. The new mission they had that put them back in the public was getting the most powerful chip that allows them to have access to control all world’s computers.

“The movie offers neither the astonishment of the magicians’ artistry nor a dramatic view of how they do it”, says Peter Travers, of Rolling Stones. I agree with this statement because in one of the scenes where they were trying to steal the chip, the way the passed it around was by attaching it to a card and passed it around by moving it through their clothes with a string and then tossing it to each other. Pulling the card throughout their clothes was impressive but just tossing it left me wondering what was the point of doing all of that just to end up tossing around the room.

With that being said, “The movie itself gets away from him, piling on one preposterous twist after another until you wish the Horsemen would make you disappear”, says Lenika Cruz of Rotten Tomatoes. I disagree with this statement because I think that the director was able to handle all the twist that were in the film well. I don’t think is was too much, but I think it was enough to continue having the film as an action pack movie lack the first of the series. Taking upon a film that already has a plot that was created by another director, Chu had little to work with. He had to take  a cast that was already made, continue a storyline based on what he was left with, and be able to carry it out without making it seem less interesting.