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“Logan” – The ending of wolverine

The movie that I have chosen is “Logan”. The movie was directed by James  Mangold. The Reason why I choose this fascinating film is because this was the final movie for actor Hugh Jackman, who plays the main character of Logan. An action pack movie containing intense violence and heartfelt emotional moments.In the year 2029, most of the mutant population has decrease and members of the X-Men part ways with Logan. As logan ages, he begins to realize his self-healing process is dwindling He later begins to drink an excessive amount of alcohol and works as a limo driver. He’s stuck taking care of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) whose suffer a brain disease. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive and escort a girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) to the Canadian border. Logan refuses to do this but Professor X tries to convince Logan that Laura is a mutant and possess extraordinary powers similar to his own. Laura is also being pursued by sinister enemies trying to capture her and make her into a bioweapon. As Logan and Laura reach North Dakota, they founded other young mutants trying to cross the Canadian border to seek refuge. But the corporation (Enemies who are preventing the kids to cross the border) block there way to freedom and Logan is left to deal with these dark forces.   A unique and outstanding movie to see at the theater.


“Logan is good enough that you might forget it’s a comic-book movie.” 

Manohla Dargis  of the New York Times


“People who have been following this junk since the original X-Men movie in 2000 will yell foul play if I tell you how Logan dies. You can write reviews of X-Men movies containing spoilers because there is nothing to spoil. Nothing happens except fight scenes that have been done thousands of times before.”

Rex Reed  of the New York Observer 


I disagree with Rex Reed because it’s not all about the fighting scene but mostly the origin behind these character’s backstory.  There’s a reason to why they are fighting if you understand the story and the conflicts happening during most of the movie. The point of this film is to fight Mr. Reed. What X-Men movie doesn’t consist of violent combat? Without it, what will the movie look like? Might as well be rated PG movie instead of a rated R movie. Not every scene in the movie results with two people throwing punches at each other. Tension grows and the climax erupts. Someone who watches this movie should have knowledge of the past origin movies before watching “Logan”.  If not, you’re basically confused and clueless about everything in the movie. Rex may not like this movie, however, I say it’s worth the time to look at.

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  1. Alexis

    I love the “X-Men” film series and “Logan” due to all the violence and conflicts between the enemy vs. family/friends. I agree that “Someone who watches this movie should have knowledge of the past origin movies before watching “Logan”. If not, you’re basically confused and clueless about everything in the movie.” One who hasn’t watched the very first “X-Men” would be lost as to the significance of the rest as well as “Logan”.

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