Javier Inga


Hello! My name is Javier Inga, and I’m very excited to take this class with everyone. My pronouns are he/him/his, and I am a father to a wonderful kid, Emmanuel who is 5 years old. I am originally from Ecuador, but I currently live in Brooklyn with my wife and son. I’m going to school to pursue an engineering degree with a dream to work as a construction manager (either in New York City or back in my home country of Ecuador). When I’m not studying or working, I’m either watching soccer (especially the Ecuadorian National Team), listening to music, or reading the news. After many years in the Army, I was initially nervous of being in college as an older student and having to go back to studying. But now, after a few years and learning a lot, I really appreciate this opportunity to grow.

I have included a picture of me during my first week in the Army in 2003. I had recently emigrated from Ecuador to the United States, and I was able to get my citizenship through my military service. I served in the Vertical Engineer company, traveling all over the world (Philippines, Germany, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Alaska, and more) to build community infrastructure for those who needed it. The work was not always easy, as I served for over 12 years. But for much of my life, the Army has been my home. My experiences have meant so much to me, and I definitely would not be where I am today without them. My experiences as an Army engineer are a huge reason why I hope to translate those skills in a professional way, where I can comfortably support my family and watch my son grow up.

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  1. Mark Noonan

    Welcome again Javier!

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