Hi, My name is Nada. My story started when I was 4 years old.  My parents decided to move to the states in hopes of a better life for our family. We’ve been living in Brooklyn, NY ever since. Since high school, I knew that I wanted to work in a hospital. Even though I spent most of my childhood in hospitals which should result in me hating them, I want to help people the same way I was helped.  This is why my major is Nursing. My favorite hobby would have to be painting. (I’m not any good at it but I love doing it ). One of the many things I enjoy most is romanticizing my life through videos. I love making videos of little things happening around me and living in the moment.

This is a photo of my cat, Luna. I got Luna 6 months ago after a whole lot of begging. My mom did not approve of Luna at first, neither did my dad. when I first got her, I hid her from my parents for a week. She stayed in my room until one night she was being fussy and meowing. She woke my parents up and I was caught. They love her more than me now. She hates affection but the cute aggression in me kicks her in the butt sometimes.