ENG1151 Fall 2023

Efaz Kareeb

Hello everyone my name is Efaz Kareeb. I am currently a junior at City Tech and I am majoring in Communication Design. I was born in NYC but I am from Bangladesh. My favorite color is blue. I like hanging out with my friends and I like drinking boba and listening to music and playing basketball. and traveling. College is becoming more and more stressful but it will become more harder and more difficult.


One meaningful thing is basketball because my friend taught me how to play basketball when I was in middle school he trained and ever since I have loved playing basketball and I used to play basketball with my friends every day after school also in the summertime too and also basketball helps to make new friends on the court and to connect with people and I love playing sports and when i play basketball I get excited and when I am stress I usually shot around with ball it brings my stress down and whenever I am mad it usually calms me down.





  1. Mamadou

    I also learned how to play basketball during middle school, but during the afternoon program I had in my school. My coach was absolutely incredible playing the sport, he had taught me some facets that were unexplored playing the game. Nice to meet you, Efaz!

  2. QiTing

    Hi, Efaz Kareeb. This is QiTing Wu Wu! I am your interview partner! My email:Qiting.WuWu@mail.citytech.cuny.edu

    Please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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