Week 3 Assignment

Documentary “The Pilgrims”  

  • One thing I found interesting and that stood out to me was that William bradford and his crew didnt quite know how they would get there or when. They described their destination as heaven no matter how terrible the conditions were during the trip they were going to make it. I also found it interesting that they were almost like nomadic people and didnt reside in one place during this journey to heaven and viewed themselves as people from heaven or “citizens”. I found it interesting that they called their destination “Heaven” because they knew when they arrived in the new world they would be free and their religious beliefs would be free also.

Video: “400 years of Wampanoag history”

  • One thing I found interesting about this video was The son of the father who was apart of the chiefs circle was with him whenever they had meetings even though most of the time he couldn’t understand what was going on. I found this interesting because the father wanted his son to have a little bit of expirience in the circle and wanted to teach him the ways of their life and show them what they do in their culture. One thing I did find sadening was when the women was talking about how they took away her husband. I find it sad how many kids lost their fathers due to the settlers.

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