Student Profile/Interview Assignment

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  1. Albert F

    Albert Frontela
    Intro to journalism
    Professor Mark Noonan
    October 2 2021
    Interview: Daniel Gayoso

    Daniel admires his parents because they work so hard everyday and they’ve always been by his side. There the reason what he does everyday, they pushed him to become successful

    3. Typical day for Daniel consists of him waking up to do his classes and going to work after that. He finishes late at night so he sleeps after that.

    5. If Daniel could be anywhere he’d probably be in Argentina because he has family and friends there he hasn’t seen in a long time.

    6. When Daniel was 10 years old he always said he wanted to become a Firefighter

    9. He wants people to remember me as just himself, he doesn’t show people his true self that much. Daniel is just a hardworking person who just wants to be successful in life.

    10. To Daniel the best skills he brings to a job is the ability to lead, always acting like a leader to get things done faster.

    11. Three words that describe Daniel are hard working, creative and outgoing.

    14. Daniels goal is to graduate with his computer science degree, he currently has one more year to go so that’s what he is focused on.

    19. Daniel’s current major is computer science, he wants to get in a job field with that degree.

    20. Daniel’s personal motto would be to just be yourself , to set your goals and accomplishments in the future and chase after them.

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