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Final week post Anderson

One future journalism project I would love to work on would indeed have to be having to travel all of South America.Travel and document everything we could possibly document such as cultural activity’s religions and even food choices.The tour I choose to take opon was the east village because I went to high school there so to learn about its history would definitely be interesting.East village is full of history and many of its history is deeply related to Europe which is where the name “little Germany” came from.It’s diversity comes from very long ago where there would be people of all over.Now a days it’s home to a very huge China town which many people know.The museums that we see in East village are really old and have a lot of history to them.My OpEd could be expanded by being able to gather information about the other side of the opinion and expressing why they are wrong.

Week 9

Lewis Wallace makes it very clear to us that we should express our freedom of speech.There are many issues in our world and nothing is being done to resolve them but we aren’t helping neither.Wallace clearly points out to us that we have freedom of speech and that it’s our right to use it.We want something done we have to do it ourself people won’t stand up so we have to.Wallace’s way of indicating facts is very smooth because he helps us really comprehend how a journalist should be.There are many errors journalists make and the facts used by Wallace clearly help us see those errors made.In a way Wallace makes us seem like weak in a way because we aren’t brave enough to speak up when it’s our choice weather to speak up or not.Many people have the urge to speak up but they don’t and Wallace wants us to change that.

Week 8

Maria is a clear victim of Social media.We see her as a victim because if it wasn’t because of social media she wouldn’t have the life that she has had.Social media allowed her to be arrested because of misleading information.Not only did it affect her with the law but it affected her whole life in general.Social media is somewhere where a person can easily fall into depression,loneliness,stress and a huge one being low self esteem due.Social media creates social standards which can be very harmful for being making them think they have to be and look a certain way.Social media is very difficult to make seem negative but it’s hard to be positive as well.In other words social media is very controversial.We can clearly see that Maria wouldn’t be a huge fan of social media and we can’t blame her.Although social media is very popular it honestly shouldn’t be since of all the unneeded posts that are not beneficial to users of social media.Many ways in which social media has been negatively affected us is visible in the many crimes committed just on social media.The lies and many posts can be harmful which can be very difficult to control.Maria is more than a clear example why social media should be more controlled in a way.

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