Week 15 : Discussion Post

Since I work in the East Village, i thought it’d be interesting to take a look at The East Village “tour”. One of the few things I’ve learned throughout the video was about the tenement museum on 97 Orchard street which was founded in 1988. In the mid 1800’s, the lower east side was once known as “little Germany” and is currently one of the largest Chinatowns. Next, I’ve learned about Thompkins Square Park which was opened in 1834 and was named after Daniel D. Thompkins vice president of United State under James Monroe. Lastly, we have the McSorley’s Old Ale House which is oldest Irish saloon in NYC and was opened in 1854. What’s interesting was that they only began to admit women to enter the pub in 1970.
The way I might expand my OpEd is first, gather additional information about my topic, educated myself about the pros and cons. By then, I could reach out to individuals who has similar interests and start a website or even form a non-profit.

(My OpEd is connection between poverty and childhood education.)

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  1. Mark Noonan


    That’s neat that you work in such a fascinating historical district. Thanks for sharing your tour experience and your work this semester.

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